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Today’s rooms

Player’s room


Your room in the mansion where you can rest between the challenges and put all your collections and puzzles to the specially made shelves. Here your friends can also leave you small presents.



In the kitchen you can almost always find one of the inhabitants of the house, because everyone has to eat. But sometimes the room is closed. Rumor has it that in these moments the Puppeteer or his assistants restock food.

Living room


The living room is a traditional meeting place for the inhabitants of the mansion. It is where players rest, sitting by the fireplace, exchanging news, telling tall tales and talking about their achievements. That is until another rookie accidentally shuts the door and suddenly decides to take a test.



The main attraction of the hallway is a large, padded metal door, locked with ten locks. Apparently, it has been installed by the Puppeteer himself. According to the rules, the one who gets all the keys gains freedom. They also say that something strange is going on in the hallway.



Lately, the basement has been overrun with rats, so now they can be found in almost all parts of the house. There are also rumors that it is where the members of "the underground" like to hold meetings.

Children’s room


It is unknown whether it was the former owner of the house, who bought so many toys for their children, or the Puppeteer himself has brought them here, but the children's room is completely swamped with them. Many players are looking for rare items among them. They say that the collections of the children's room are among the most valuable.



The former owner of this house must have been obsessed with literature, since he built up such a large library. They say that one of the prisoners used the books to encipher the way to freedom. Some players spend a lot of time in the library, hoping to unravel the mystery.



The attic is the strangest place in the house. They say it is haunted by the ghost that is sometimes seen in different parts of the mansion. It is said that the attic holds many secrets. Few people have been there, and they prefer to keep quiet about what they have seen.

Film Theater


The film theatre in the far corner of the house is a place many steer clear of. The Puppeteer does not mention it, and the spikes on the doors take a lot of blood. But there are some who stop by the room now and then, watching a film in search of hidden clues and encouraging beginners to do the puzzle.

Winter garden


A lot of people dream about a warm and humid winter garden. It is rumored that the Puppeteer often comes to this room and waters numerous exotic plants. However, this is just a rumor, and the garden is probably tended to by the few lucky ones that managed to get hold of the key to it.



This is the study of the previous house owner. Here one can find papers, clippings and diary pages, which can be very useful for those who want to know anything about past and present. But it's not easy to get into the study, because we don't have a key from its hatch.



The bedroom of the former mistress of the house harbors many secrets. Even the location of the door and the key to this room remain a mystery. Few have managed to get inside. It is said that the bedroom smells of death...



Nobody knows what this small room right under the roof is for. May be it's where domestics lived, or maybe it's just a room to keep the unnecessary staff. Nobody knows what is in there now, but some of us are sure that the Puppeteer locked there some extremely dangerous prisoner of the house.



They say no one has been in the photolab before. They also say that no one has seen the door of it either. They say there is no key to this door. The say the puppeteer demands something terrible from those who want to pass the test in it. I don't care what else they say, I need to check it all myself. I bet, it would be fun.

Yard (Inner yard)


Small and unkempt inner yard of the mansion is the only chance for the prisoners to step out into the fresh air. So it’s not surprising that some of them spend all the time there, rain or sun. Or maybe it’s just because in the dark corners of the Yard one can find many useful items.


04 (1).jpg

They say, the eternity of the starry sky above our heads - that's where the true freedom lies. Observatory gives you the chance to prove it. Once a month it unlocks for a week — do not lose your chance.

House plan


Your only way to look at the house from outside. From here you can see all the available rooms (except the bathroom that is and the other side of the house. At bottom on the mansion swarm in the grass rats, mongooses and groundhog, and on the roof you can catch ravens and owls.



Garage is a regular find! They say one can find some useful health restoring items there! And if you're lucky the steel horse hiding in the garage can help you leave this mansion once and for all.



The biggest danger that can await someone in the bathroom is a slippery floor. Usually. In the new bathroom that long-time residents found at the back of the house, you better not waste any time on hydrotherapeutic. But any risk is justified, because you can find valuable decoration here.

Indian Room


What surprises wait for you behind the door of the Indian room? What is this strange mechanism that doesn't let you open the door and why the owner of the mansion was trying to hide the room from the visitors? Enter the room to find the answers

Ghost rooms

When you activate the ghost mode in the rooms you see the images of the past through the common surroundings.

Crypt (basement)


Underground part of the old druidic sanctuary where you can learn more about the ancient curse that haunts the owners of the mansion for generations

Well (kitchen)


Old well full of ancient memories.

Oak (living room)


Mighty tree – the ancestor of the oak grove on the hill. Beneath its root there is a way to the heart of Cid that can be opened only by pure of heart.

Stone circle (Hallway)


Huge stones seem distant and lifeless. But warrior existing here remembers them red from blood of his tribesmen.

Boudoir (children’s room)


Private rooms of Madame Lynette. Here you can become witness of the tragedy of the past.

Lounge (library)


250 years ago this room was a center of the social life. Gathered here people enjoyed chatting, playing music and cards. Huge fortunes were lost and gained at one of these tables.

Closet (Attic)


Unlike your room this one is quite small dark and uncomfortable. Here you can meet the ghost of 250 years ago and learn about the tragedy of love and betrayal that happened in the mansion.

Marie’s bedroom (bedroom)


Girl’s bedroom is not so rich and luxury as the modern one. Here you will see the final step of the terrific tragedy happened in this house 250 years ago.

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