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«Panic Room» — is the social game in the “hidden object” genre (HOG) that except of the looking for items and solving riddles, offers you an exciting and challenging storyline with detective intrigue, philosophical overtones and a drop of mysticism. The protagonist of the “Panic Room” – calls himself the Puppeteer. He's locked you and other characters in the mansion, which has become your prison. However, do not rush out and call him a maniac, because you have a choice either to confront the Puppeteer, or to join his Followers and try to understand his motives. Anyway, it’s impossible to achieve freedom by force here. You must find it literally: each successfully completed quest to search for items will bring you a piece of the puzzle. When you put the puzzle together - you will receive the key to the front door. However, there are several locks on it, so there will be more than one puzzle. And there are enough troubles in the mansion besides the locks.

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Panic Room can offer you:
+ Detective story like inspired with Agatha Kristie’s novels and “Saw” thriller series with two alternative storylines.
+ Stylish “retro” design, realistic graphics, illumination model and sounds.
+ Various gameplay: look for the items, put together puzzles and collections, unlock new locations and take part in different events and challenges.
+ Social features: help your friends and receive help from them in the Apple application and on Facebook or Mobage.

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