Tips For Playing Difficult Modes

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How to Play Difficult Modes:

The basic tip to play difficult modes is Practice, Practice and Practice. however, here are few helpful thing you can do. Along with these tips, ‘Screenshot Method’ is the best trick available to play difficult modes.


use Laser to point out an item you are unable to find

use stopwatch to slow down time if you are running out of it


use Stop Watch (bronze tokens) or Chronometer (gold) if you are running out of time

use light bomb if you have one.


Use pause button to focus on the list and see what are the next four items you need to find.

Use one or two stop watches (bronze coins)

Can use chronometer as well but it will cost gold coins

(by Jessica Cohen)

Here's the thing, this mode isn't actually as difficult as you think it is. Most of it is freezing up and being unable to find the objects because you KNOW you don't have much time. Don't treat it like you have to rush. Treat it like any other mode.

Here are a few tips to help you.

In every mode, to be time-effective, you should look for as many objects as possible at a time and as you pass them with your vision, keep track of where certain items are in case you need them later. It's multitasking and can take some time to get used to. Try this with all modes, not just against time, and you'll improve your scores in general. This is important. Don't rush and DON'T look at the timer or you WILL run out of time.

The trick to this is not to get all the objects at once, but to never stop the flow of finding things. Take your time moving from one object to the next with your mouse, using that time to sweep over the scene again to spot more objects to find and click on. If you still can't get it, screenshot the pic and pause the game. Find the objects in an open paint doc and then unpause, click them all, and repeat.


one of the problem that you face in this mode is that if you do not look for traps but click wide of the needed items, the trap will be triggered automatically and cut your life and time.

How many wrong clicks activate traps is different for each room.

There are several easy solutions to this problem:

Buy few Bracelets (700 token each) and wear it before clicking items. if trap in the room activates bracelet will neutralize its effect. but the down side is you have to wear new bracelet each time to neutralize the effect of next trap and if you are wearing bracelet and fortunately no trap activates you will loose your bracelet.

Buy Glasses (1200 tokens). wearing glasses before starting the room will highlight each sought for objects as you move cursor over the objects. it will remain active for 40 seconds.

Buy Electromagnet (14 gold). using magnet before starting the room will tag along the sought for object as your cursor move over it. it will also remain active for 40 seconds. Can always use Stop Watch (bronze tokens) or Chronometer (gold) if you are running out of time


use Stop Watch (bronze tokens) or Chronometer (gold) if you are running out of time use Laser (bronze tokens) to point out the object you are unable to find

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