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Current License applies to all text, graphics and other materials (hereafter the "Materials") posted on the website (the "Website").

User – person, who's lawfully registered by GameXP Passport and meets the requirements of the User Agreement.
Administration - the legal entity, specified as the Administration in the User agreement.
Authorship - any use of the Website Materials requires the mention of the author of any Materials or placing the hyperlink to the Website page with such Materials or specifying a URL of the page or pages of Materials that you use.


By posting the Materials on the Website, the User provides to the Administration on the territory of all the countries of the world for the term of protection of the relevant intellectual property rights (in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) simple (non-exclusive), transmitted, free license (with the right to sublicense to third parties) for such Materials, including:

  • the right of reproduction (duplication, copying, etc.) with no limit on the number of copies;
  • the right to distribute in every way, including disclosure, publication, broadcast, by cable, public use, performance, display, rental, import, demonstration for informative, promotional and other purposes;
  • the right of making the published Materials available to the public;
  • the right of adaptation, translation and use of Materials in the compiled works, software products and other Internet resources of Administration, under the brand name, manufacturing brand and trademark of Administration.

The user, through his Materials, thereby ensures that he/she is the legitimate owner of the rights provided to the Administration either does not violate the rights of third parties who own the copyright of the source texts used in the Materials. In case of absence of completely or partially, such rights of the User, the User shall be responsible before any third parties, should there be any claims from their side concerning the measure of rights and ways of use of the intellectual property (published Materials).
In case of using text, graphics and other materials of third parties, in the Website Materials, the User is obliged to indicate the authors of the source materials, and should there be any restrictions of the use of source materials by their authors, the User agrees to specify such restrictions when posting content on the Website. Any Materials, trademarks and service marks and names of goods, services and organizations, design rights, copyright and related rights that are mentioned, used or cited in the Website Materials posted by Users belong to their rightful owners. The user is solely responsible for the use of these and similar materials.
Should there be any claims to Administration related to the infringement of third party rights by the Materials published by User on the Website, the User agrees to resolve them on their own and at their own expense without any assistance from the Administration. In case of impossibility of independent settlement of claims, the User agrees to make up all losses of the Administration caused by User's absence of appropriate rights for the published Materials. The Administration has the right to demand, by the way of recourse, the payment of all amounts paid by it for the claims of the third parties concerning the use of Materials received from the User, as well as sums of money spent by the Administration for consideration of such claims (including in court).
The user understands and agrees that he shall bear full sole responsibility for all possible consequences that may arise from getting the access, placing the Materials for sharing or from transfer of Materials in private.


Users of the Website have the right to copy, distribute or publicize the materials posted on the Website (the "Materials"), as well as the right to revise the Materials on the Website under the following conditions:
1) when copying, distributing and/or publicizing the Materials of the Website, the User agrees to provide attribution.
2) in the case of processing of Website Materials and creating the derivative Materials, such Materials should be provided on the terms of current License. Materials containing text from external sources may contain additional requirements for attribution of the original work. In this case, the Materials should contain references to the authors of the original texts. If the page with Materials that contain such guidelines is revised or used otherwise, such references should be preserved.


The user understands and agrees that at any time when the user expresses the intention to withdraw published Materials, the Administration reserves the right to block or delete published content only after the User has submitted sufficient evidence of his/her copyright and/or other intellectual property rights for such Materials. Blocking and deletion of such Materials is carried out on the basis of written application of User, aimed at the location of the Administration and only after scrutiny made by the Administration matching the User's personal data set forth in this statement with the personal data that the User has provided to the Administration during his/her registration procedure.
User should contact Technical support at: in all cases, when the User becomes aware of the presence of inaccurate, defamatory, illegal information. The administration takes all possible measures for the timely detection of such information, its verification for compliance with the applicable laws (in particular copyright and other intellectual property rights, etc.), as well as blocking or deletion.

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