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Materials - text, graphics and other materials (the "Materials") posted on the website (the "Website").
'User – person, who's lawfully registered by GameXP Passport and meets the requirements of the User Agreement.
'Administration - the legal entity, specified as the Administration in the User agreement.

The Website is an encyclopedia of the computer online game "Karos" made on the open-content basis and also voluntary association of individuals and groups, creating a shared repository of knowledge about this game.

Attention! All information of the Materials provided on the Website may be deemed as complete, accurate or containing credible information. This statement applies to any Material published on the Website. All Materials on the Website are provided without warranty of usefulness for any purpose or suitability for any use.
Attention! The administration in no way guarantees the correctness of the information posted on the Website, including articles, descriptions, and features of the Game. The Administration is making efforts to identify articles containing incorrect and/or false information.
Attention! None of the Administration, authors, participants, sponsors, administrators, operators and persons otherwise associated with the Website, is not responsible for the appearance of inaccurate or false information, and for the use by the User of the data contained on the Website or found by external links.
Attention! Any intellectual property, including but not limited to, trademarks and service marks and names of goods, services, and organizations, rights for design, materials protected by copyright or related right, (hereafter the "IP object") that are mentioned, used or cited in the articles and/or materials of the Site belong to their rightful owners.

Users who posted the Materials, which are using the "IP objects" are solely responsible for their use. Attention! The administration is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of the Materials posted on this Website. The information and Materials of the Website may be changed by the Administration and/or Users of the Website. Administration is not responsible for changes, deletion or editing of the Materials posted on the Website.

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