Types of Quests in The Quest Log

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You could find following five types of quests in the quest log:

1.Main Plot/ Key Quests

2.Additional Side Quests

3.Daily Quests

4.Event Quests

5.VIP Quests



series of quests, beige colored with a key sign. these are the Most Important quests to progress in the game and should be your First Priority. these are also necessary to unlock/get items required for other quests for example yard location and interacting items required to get dandelion for beltane quests will unlock as we follow key quests and move ahead in the game. key quests give nominal freedom points and copper coins.


series of quests, light green with plus sign. these basically ask us to find out collection items in the rooms. reward is high freedom points, copper coins (the exact number depend on your level) and also one rare/unique item e.g. unique collection item/ some amulet/ life recovery item etc. these quests are not time bound so they can wait and could be done at your convenience.

These quests keep on repeating. You will have 4 additional quests at a time.

Ping Pong is the best way to clear additional quests.


single quest, light blue with a calendar sign, time bound (have to be completed within 24 hours). again the reward is high freedom points, high copper coins plus painted jewelry box. These quests keep on repeating as well. you will have one new daily quest every 24 hours.

Caveat: as our energy is limited, if you can complete this quest without spending lots of energy, do them, otherwise just forget about them and let them pass, no worries.

Tip: as these quests are usually about charging collections or getting collection combining items, dont charge your collections unnecessarily plus build up your stock of collection combining items by putting them on your wishlist.


series of quests, pink colored with a balloon sign, time bound (have to be completed in certain number of days). event related rewards are usually great, so if you are interested in additional rewards, spend sometime on these quests.

Caveat: sometimes progress in key quests is required to get event related items. so always remember your first priority i.e. 'Main Plot/ Key Quests'


Purchasing any premium account gives an additional list of quests. These are Yellow colored, with star sign.

+ 40% to life recovery rate

+ 30% to points of freedom and tokens for completing rooms

+ 30% to the chance of finding a rare and very rare item or puzzle piece

+ unique quest chain from a selected character with additional history that is not included in the main storyline

More infomation about VIP's below in this arcticle.

Q: What are the quests with 24 hour timers?

A: That is one of the daily quest groups. There are two groups of daily quests: with and without timers. Quests with timers will be active for 24 hours. They will disappear if they are not completed by the end of the game day. The quests without timer will be there until you complete them.

You can receive two daily quests per day, one from each group. But if you fail to complete the quest without timer by the end of the day and leave it for the next day, once you complete it you will receive another one that you were supposed to receive at midnight.

Temporary dailies include quests that involve combining collections and collecting items for combining them.

Quests that are not time-limited may require that you find items from star collections №28-32, collect a large amount of items for combining collections or search for special quest items (newspapers, drawing pins, cooler bags).

You will receive points of freedom and tokens as a reward for completed daily quests, and a painted jewelry box for special ones.

VIP's details:


What is VIP status?

Any premium account gives:

+ 40% to life recovery rate

+ 30% to points of freedom and tokens for completing rooms

+ 30% to the chance of finding a rare and very rare item or puzzle piece

+ unique quest chain from a selected character with additional history that is not included in the main storyline

Premium from Jenny and Jim temporarily increases the limit of free gifts and allows to give 15 additional free gifts per day (one gift to each friend)

Premium from the Puppeteer and Jack allows you to collect daily bonus (tokens and cookies) from 15 additional friends.

When purchased, VIP is activated automatically, and not like a decoration.

VIP icon appears in the left upper corner of the screen, displaying the expiration date.

VIP effects stack with the effects of decorations and amulets. But keep in mind that your life will not recover faster than one point in 18 seconds (36 on the critical level), so read descriptions carefully before choosing a decoration for life recovery after purchasing a premium account. If you purchase several VIP accounts, their time stacks, but the bonuses (+15 FG or +15 friends with cookies in their rooms) will be activated only for the premium that was purchased last.

Quests of the VIPS purchased for a week or a month are the same. In each of the premiums there are 3 quest chains. On the first purchase the first chain is activated, on the second – the next one, and on the third one the third quest chain is activated.

If you fail to complete the VIP quest chain in a week, it will be broken. But if you purchase the same premium again, it will continue from the point where it was interrupted.

Once you complete all the premium quest chains, on your next purchase you will see a query as to what quest chain you would like to complete again. The reward for completed VIP chain can be received an unlimited number of times.

After activation, premium bonuses activated immediately and your avatar will appear icon VIP

If we get the discounted VIP when we are already using one, will it go into inventory, or does it replace the one we have?

It will add up to the one you already have. So, for example, if you bought it for a month and then another one for a week, then your VIP will work a month and a week. Two for a month will add up to two months in total, etc. Keep in mind that the bonuses (15 free gifts or cookies) replace each other, so if you buy different VIPs then buy the one with the most preferred reward last. (by Chris Corvine)




1. Blood in exchange for freedom

1. Test pain - kitchen, living room, basement, get into all the traps (3, 3, 4).

2. Test fear - hallway, shadows, 25 seconds or faster.

3. Test darkness - kitchen, living room, basement, all in the "night".

4. Test despair - children in Crete(cache?).

5. Reward - kitchen, stash.

2. Detective Story

1. Bookworm - Library, words

2. The Golden Age - kitchen, words

3. Pulp Fiction - living room, words

4. Veterinary and postmodernism - basement, words

5.Literary Award - hallway, cache

3. Information for consideration

1. One eye - Attic, night

2. A sense of proportion - kitchen, night

3. Through thorns - living room, cache

4. Boomerang - basement, cache

5. Dot the i - living room, the words



1. To feed a horde

1. Bread crumbs - Stale bun, Hallway, no more than 10 times

2. Carrot cakes - Bag of Semolina, Basement, no more than 10 times

3. Scraping the Barrel - Prunes, Living Room; Walnuts, Children’s Room; 10 times or fewer

4. Test for food 1 - Kitchen, faster than 20 seconds

5. Test for food 2 - Hallway, 60 seconds or slower

2. Detective reluctant

1. Much Ado About Nothing - Hallway, Night

2. Hit the books - Library, Shadows, less than 25 seconds

3. Biohazard - Living Room, cache

4. A mecha-rat - Basement, shadows

5. Pyrrhic award - Kitchen, three traps

3. Everything fits together

1. Consultation - Living Room, Words

2. Anamnesis - Living Room, Shadows

3. Field of search - Kitchen, hit 1 trap

4. Reading Club - collect 12 Encyclopedias, 10 Textbooks (NOT removed from inventory)

5. Deus ex Theca - Living Room, Night

6. Confrontation - Basement, shadows



1. Rat intelligence

1. Rat Hunting - kitchen, night

2. Rat flood - basement, cache in 40 seconds or less

3. Rat energy - living room, night

4. Rat squeak - basement, cache

5. Rat slowness - living room, words, more than 110 seconds

6. Rat survivability - hallway, get into three traps

7. Rat cunning - basement, night

2. Force majeure

1. Deadly wardrobe - basement, Cache mode

2. Knights of Squeaking and tail - hall, night, less than 30 seconds; children, night, less than 30 seconds

3. Wag Jack - library, 2 traps

4. Plague on both your rats - Hallway, children’s room

5. Creatures big and small - living room

3. Final Round

1. Patience is running out - the basement, night

2. On a knife edge - Hallway, access to the 3 trap

3. Foray barbarians - library, word

4. Challenge accepted - Children’s Room(?), night

5. Head - living room, cache



1. Medicines for all

1. Safe Asclepius - living room, cache

2. 451 Celsius - kitchen in 40 seconds or less

3. Access token - entrance hall, night, for 40 seconds or less

4. Wrench - cellar, night, for 40 or less seconds. Fall into three traps

5. Biometrics - children, night, for 30 seconds or less

6. Panacea - a living room, a cache for 50 seconds or less

2. Moot point

1.Tortuous lessons - living room, night

2. Against bacteria - kitchen

3. A time to cast disputes - kitchen, cache; hallway, cache

4.Time to collect flasks - kitchen, less than 25 seconds; Hallway, less than 25 seconds

5. Reward - kitchen, night

3. Life Saving

1. Hippocratic Oath - living room, shadows

2. Subscription - library more than 110 seconds

3. Advertising campaign - to collect ink x 12, paper x 12, brush x 12

4. With a clean face - basement, words

5. Take two - kitchen, words

6. Plastic teaches living - Hallway, night

7. Dr. Lecturer - living room, words


Vip Jenny

1. 2 pumpkin steak salad +

2. healthy lunch apple +

3. healthy lunch + apple

Vip from Jim

1. average healing balm kit +

2. large kit

3. large kit

Vip from Puppeteer

1. large first aid kit

2. large kit

3. large kit

Vip from Jack

1. healthy lunch + medium Elixir

2. healthy lunch apple +

3. healthy lunch + apple

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