Diary of the Poisoned one

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I'm locked in a terrible place. I am not alone here, the house is full of unfamiliar people and many of them are dangerous. I try to take this test as an adventure that will help me to make my long-held dream true. I will record everything that happens, and when I get out I'll write my best article! Forget about the article - I will write a book! And receive the Pulitzer Prize.


I explore the house. It is so huge: is it possible to remember the location of each room? Rooms are stuffed with cruel challenges. But I like the library. There is a pleasant smell of old leather bindings and dusty tattered pages. Sometimes I come across interesting items of books. The owner of this library was quite a rich man!


I found several books, written probably in the last century. And even earlier. There is a book of housekeeping, pieces of old diaries, drawings... I also found an old house plan - apparently, it was drawn even before the construction. One of the rooms made me interested. It is on the plan, but it doesn't exist in the house.


Secret room should be in the hallway on the first floor under the bathtub. But the corridor is empty, except for the traps. It is hidden from the eyes fro reason - I think there is an exit from the mansion! Therefore the Puppeteer hides it. I have to find the way to get into it.


Now I am sure that you can get out of the house through this secret room. I got a note: "Curiosity killed the cat." Surely this is a message from the Puppeteer - it says, don't go where you're not asked. But I am not afraid of his threats. I'll get into this room for sure.


I'm in a prison inside the prison! Sweeping the corridor wall, clicked something, and the door to the secret room opened. Inside there was a man in dirty clothes with red, bloodshot eyes. His face seemed familiar. He lunged forward, pushed me aside and ran out into the corridor. This crazy locked the door, and now I can not get out!


My prison is not without some romance. It brings me stories about alchemists and magicians. There is an underground stream, so I won't die from thirst. Torches are burning on the walls. Does Puppeteer see me? Does he know that I'm locked in here?


I am looking for a way out. No matter if I have to examine every brick to find it. Freedom is near!


So far my searches have not been successful, but I found a hidden camera. The Puppeteer contacted me and said that I would never get out of here. He said that this imprisonment is my penalty for excessive curiosity. Well, Puppeteer, I accept your challenge!


I studied all the walls - as high as I could get. There is no secret key, lever or button. I tapped the floor and pulled the chains - in vain. I have to continue searches.


I thought that the underground spring will bring me out. I lie down in the water, holding my breath, but felt the bars at both ends of the flow. Now I'm all wet and it's cold in the room. Should I try to dry my clothes above the fire of the torches?


There is a small heap in one of the corners. I tried to clean it up, but the stones were too heavy. I wonder if there is a way out under it. I need to gather my strength and roll back as many stones as possible.


I found a bag in that heap. There are a bottle of unknown contents, a notebook in thick cover with lock and some crumpled dirty page inside. Did this bag belong to a stranger? And he hid it here, and then, running out, didn't even remember it?


Crumpled page contains some strange recipe. I put it to my records. But I still can't open the notebook: I have nothing to crack the lock with and i can't tear the leather cover. I tried to pick the lock with the pencil, but no success. It's a pity.


I remembered where I had seen this stranger. This is Kurt, who was a suspect in the sensational double murder. There was no evidence of his guilt, but for some reason I thought that he was the killer. What was he doing here at all?


I'm hungry. No thoughts left, haven't found an exit. I'd like to open this strange can. What can be inside of it?


I opened the can, but there was only some nasty smelling liquid inside. The smell was so bad that I regretted my curiosity at once. I poured the liquid in water in case it was poison.


I feel very bad. Vomiting, headache, sandpaper in my eyes and lungs seem filled with red-hot needles. Maybe it is from hunger or stale room air?


I'm getting worse. Most likely, there was poison in that can, and it poisoned the air. Why Kurt needs this poison? Maybe he was an accomplice of the Puppeteer, and he was going to make a sophisticated trap in this room, but I distracted him.


It seems, I heard voices outside the door. I tried to scream and bang, but apparently the room is, soundproof. Perhaps it's for the better - if we remember what people he had collected in the house, I don't know where is safer, here or outside the door.


I am desperate. I'm dying, there is no doubt. I barely can breathe, each breath is accompanied by severe pain, and my head feels like in grip of steel... What a powerful poison, it continues to act! What should I do? How can I save myself?


I asked the Puppeteer to help me. I besought him, crying into the camera. Maniac responded that I was not strong enough to fight for my freedom, and that I didn't not value my own life. It would be strange if he rushed to help me immediately!


To recover a bit, I wash the face with cold water from the spring. It is unlikely that I ever write a book - life leaves me. Yet I try to find a way out and will leave records - they may come in handy if someone gets here after me.


I see green circles floating in front of my eyes. Chest pain is so unbearable that sometimes I scream out loud. One of the torches went out, if the other goes out too, I can not continue recording.


I slipped and fell into the water. When I started to rise, I felt something on the bottom of the stream. It glitters like gold. But it is not easy to pull it out - it was stuck among the rocks.


"Pulled the discovery out and lifted it with a pencil. These were the watch, the one piece of evidence that the police was trying to find during a search of the Kurt's house! This monster killed his sister, killed his friend, and all because of jealousy! If I don't get out of here, the killer remains free, and justice will not be done!"


I was so... ...stupid ...so close to the exit all this time ...but now …put together all my strength... the last spurt - and I'll get out of here...

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