Bouncing Items (Ping-Pong)

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Bouncing Items (Ping-Pong) to Clear Additional Green Quests:

If you already have an item in your inventory and you got a quest asking to find that item again (e.g. Iron), there is a way to clear the quest without going through the rooms.

All you have to do is find a partner who has at least one of that item to bounce it back to you. You will send Iron to your friend, your friend will send it back to you. When your friend sends it back, the game registers it as a new item and the quest will complete.

Note that if you have only one of a particular item the game won’t allow you to send it to anyone. If your friend does not already have that item and you send yours to him, he will not be able to send it back. If you have only one of the item you need, you can complete the quest by finding a friend who has an extra (at least 2 of the same item) to send you, then return it to that friend.

►you must have at least one of a specific item you want to bounce and

►your friend must have at least one of that item already, or two if you only have one.

This is really helpful in quickly clearing out additional quests (green color) that keep on repeating and asking for same items again and again.

How to find how many specific item you have?

There are two ways to find it. First, you can open Collection window and scroll through Star collections to find out the item. On the top left side of the item number will be displayed showing how many you have.


Alternatively, click on pink gift box in your room.


In the gift window click smallish bear sign saying collections. it will show all the collection items you have alongwith how many of each you have. you can scroll it left and right to find a specific item.

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