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There are number of free gifts including food item (tangerine these days) and items needed to combine collections.

You can also send extra puzzle pieces or collection items you have. you can send only one free gift to each friend daily. How many free gifts you can send in total depends on your level in the game.

Also you can send 20 additional gifts that can be puzzle pieces or collection items. There is no limit to send paid gifts. When you receive a gift box in your room, please click the Thank button when you collect it. That way, your neighbor also gets a useful free piece of amulet in return.

How to calculate the number of free gifts i can send daily?

The number of free gifts you can send daily is calculated in the game using following formula. 30+ (level of light karma -1)+ VIP bonus, if any

You can send a free gift in several ways.

1. With a "gifts" window

that will appear when you click the pink gift box in your room. on the top of Gifts window you will see four tabs. Click the one with 'screwdriver' sign. it will show you all the free gifts you can send. if you want to send a free puzzle piece click the tab with 'puzzle piece' sign and you can see all extra puzzle pieces you have that you could send free to your friends. if you want to send collection item click the tab with 'bear sign' and you will see all the collection items you have. To send a gift click 'give' at the bottom of the item you want to send. another window will appear. select the friends to whom you want to send the gift. click 'give' underneath.

2. With the wish list.

Hover the mouse over the pictures of friends in the friends bar of your game. friends bar is at the bottom of your game. it will show each friends wishlist as you hover mouse over a specific friend's picture. Click on the gift (in the wishlist) that you want to give, and in the window that appears, click on "give".

3.From the store

window (these gifts are not free). Click on the vending machine at the lower left side of your room. Store window will appear. To send the gift click on the smallish red gift box (with yellow ribbon) sign at the right side of the item you want to send. another window will appear. select the friends to whom you want to send the gift. click 'give' underneath.


Q: How to send “cheese” or any other free gift when its not on a players wishlist.

To gift cheese when it is not on wish on pink gift box in your room or Gift in the tool on free tab(screwdriver) on on neighbors picture you want to send cheese on give


Q: How do I give pieces of coins/horseshoe/boxes/goose down?

A: They are given out automatically on a selective basis when you click "Thank" under the gift that you received from your friend. Your friend can also receive a cookie or a random item from their wish list.

How to make a wish list:

In the Gift Window or Store Window next to the image of object you want to place on your wishlist you will see a smallish "scroll with a green plus sign". Clicking it will open six slots of your wishlist. click any of the empty slot and your item will be placed there. if all the slots of wishlist are full click on the red 'x' to clear a slot. you can place almost any item in Store Window/ Gift Window on your wishlist. your friends can see your wishlist when they hover mouse over your picture in their friends bar. In order to send the item on the wish list, simply click on that image.

Q: How do I add an item to the wish list?

A: Next to the icons of items, puzzle pieces and collections in the store you can see the "Add to wish list" button (scroll with a plus). Once you click it, you will see the wish list window that you can drop the selected item into.

You can see your friend's wish lists when you move your mouse over their portraits on the friends panel. To give an item from a wish list, simply click on it .


How to add Puzzle pieces on Wishlist:


When looking at wishlists of friends, how do you know if the gift you want to send them from their list is a paid gift, free gift and/or a gift that will be taken from your inventory?

If it's something that you are giving from your inventory it gives you another pop up window to make sure that's what you want to do, before you send it. You won't send it from your personal inventory until you get the second pop up that you have to click on in order to send it. If its a paid gift, the game will always ask you once again do you want to pay for the gift. so you can click 'no' on that.

if there are any collection item or puzzle piece on wish list, when you hover your cursor over it, it will tell you how many items you have. so you know its not a free gift and will be gone from inventory if you click it. click any other item without fear of losing anything. if you need to reach certain level to send a particular gift it will tell you that as well. the gift will be sent on one click only if its free.

You have to be certain levels for certain free items. It will tell you that you can't gift that item to your friend because you are not of a high enough level. The paid gifts have a price on them.

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