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Being a player of this game for almost a year, first of all let me assure you that this game is not about spending money. Just with little patience you will get everything, well almost everything with time as you level up.

Spending money can expedite your progress but believe me we can do pretty well even without it. You are not alone, most are playing without spending real money. Remember there is a way out to everything in this game. Just ask for help.


●Try not to go below critical level, as energy regeneration is faster above critical level. Critical level is below 20% of your total life.

●There is always a free energy item among free gifts, that give you 3 free energy each. Put it on your wishlist. If for example you have 100 friends, you will get 300 extra energy daily.

●Visit your neighbors daily. Visiting friends give you free energy item e.g. cookies.

●Interact with your own and friends decorations daily. It gives you not only karma points but also energy items.

●Collect lockpicks and crack safes, as often as you can. Safes have free energy items too.

●Some collections give energy items. Find out those collections and charge them (if you have each collection item at least 2) to get free energy.

●There is a collection that gives ‘healing balsam’ that increase your life regeneration rate for few hours.

●There are collections that give various decorations which increase number of freedom points you get and in turn increase the rate at which you level up.

●You will get feather decoration free by interacting with friend’s decors. Use it. It will help you level up fast.

Add Lots of Friends:

Add lots of friends, they will make your life easier.

●More friends = more free gifts

●When you enter any room, you can virtually take one of your friends as a helper to get more tokens and freedom points.

●When your neighbour pick up your gift, he/she will press "thanks" and send you an amulet part or cookie automatically.

●You need friends to get light and dark karma.

Update your Wishlist Daily

Fill your wishlist to get more gifts daily.

A diversified wishlist is the best wishlist. Include following types of items on your wishlist.

●Collection Combining Items: Your friends can send them free to you.

●Free Energy Item

●Puzzle Pieces: of the puzzles you are working on.

●Collection Items: the items of collections you are working on.

●Paid Gifts: gifts that require to spend nominal amount of copper coins

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