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TRICK:Screenshot Method:

(We Thank You Jessica Cohen for sharing this golden trick with us.)

For PCs & Laptops With Windows:

follow these steps and go through any mode successfully without using even a single stopwatch or light bomb.

Detailed Explanation:


quickly take screen shot as soon as the scene appear and click pause. To pause the game, there is a little "II" sign on the upper right side of the screen when you're in the room, hit that sign.

heres how i do it: expand game to full screen. as soon as room appears click 'PrntScrn' /'Prt Sc' key on the top right side of your key board and immediately click 'pause' on the screen. this will take only few seconds. Clicking "PrntScrn' key will in fact 'copy' the whole screen that is opened at that time.

For some windows e.g. windows 7 hitting 'PrntScrn' tab directly wont copy the screen you have to hold down the "Fn" key (function key) on the lower right side of your key board & then press the "PrntScrn" key.

For some keyboards you have to hold down the 'Windows sign' and then press 'PrtScn' to copy the screen.

For other you might have to press the shift key and then Prtsc button to take a picture


open 'paint' program in your computer and click paste (Ctrl+V) you have to press and hold down 'Ctrl' key and then press 'V' key. or alternatively, use the paste tab in the upper left corner of Paint to paste. the whole scene will be copied there.

here is how to open paint program illustrated through pictures (copy and paste this link into your browser):

tada :) thats all you need to do.

im sure everyone remember what items we find in each room, at least i remember them by heart. now in paint program take as many hours, days or weeks as you want to find out the items in the room, no timer is running. even in night/cache mode, by maximizing your screen brightness and slightly tilting the screen forward, you will be able to make out almost all the items. go through all the items twice or thrice so you remember their location. now go back to the game, remove pause and you will be able to click all the items in just few seconds.

this is especially helpful in AGAINST TIME MODE and MIRROR ROOM MODE with inverted screen. in other trap modes or night/cache mode you can also go back and forth your game and paused screenshot and find items in the sets of four each time.

Quick Explaination: Screenshot Method

(by Amy Kending)

you can always use the Print screen and Pause method to beat the room. When you first enter the room hit Prt Sc on your keyboard -> pause the game -> open up a picture editing program (you can use paint) and Right Click -> Paste ->look for the first 4 items in the picture in paint -> Unpause the game hit the items in the game ->repause and find the next 4 in paint. Repeat till all the items are found.

For Mac OSX

(by Karen J. S. Daigle)

There are two ways to take screenshots on a Mac. To take a picture of your whole screen, press Command+Shift+3. This will automatically create a new image file on your desktop. To take a picture of the portion of the screen, press Command+Shift+4. Your cursor will turn into a Crosshair. Move this to the top corner of the area you wish to capture. Press and hold your mouse button, then drag so that the box created outlines what you wish to capture. Let go of the mouse button, and your image will appear as a new file on your desktop.

For Night and Cache Modes

(by Cat Gray)

I just figured out how to "cheat" in cache mode with screenshots. A regular screenshot is not much help because the room is dark, but it's possible to adjust the colors in an image processing program to make it bright and clear! I used GIMP (it's free software, available for all platforms from, the option Colors->Color Balance, and set all 3 color levels (Red, Green, Blue) in all 3 ranges (Shadows, Midtones, Highlights) to the rightmost position, while unchecking the checkbox "Preserve luminosity" (this is important). Here is the result. (It's possible to make colors more natural by playing some more with these sliders.) Sorry if it's obvious... never occurred to me before Actually, I never had problems with the cache mode until the Genius level, but now I simply can't do it anymore without any tricks.

For Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, KDE, GNOME:

(by Crystal Moore)

Follow this link and it will also explain how to take screenshots for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, KDE, GNOME

Further info from Lynn Michelle Carlisle:

        • FN + PRSCRN if you have 4 keys on bottom left & upper right of keyboard


(by Russell Carter)

Some people prefer to use Gyazo software. Its another way to capture your screen and upload the image/GIF to the web. You can easily share them on Chat, Twitter, Blog etc you can download it free from


(by Ragil)

PhotoScape is another software you can use to capture full screen.

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