How to optimize your game progress daily

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log in daily to get puppets reward everyday (feathers, pills, gold and copper coins)

try to send maximum number of free gifts and puzzle pieces daily. you will get back not only gifts but also amulet pieces. (number of gifts sent increase with the level of light karma)

visit maximum allowed number friends daily to get cookies and coins. (number of friends increase with the level of dark karma)

collect all the allowed karma points by interacting friends decor daily. (visit same faction friend for light karma and opposite faction friend for dark karma). this interaction will also give you other valuable collection items, decors, health items, room opening items etc.

click your own decorations daily to collect high karma points as well as other gifts.

update and diversify your wishlist daily to get things you need.

activate amulets i,e. iron horseshoe (increase chance to get rare collectibles), goose quill (increase number of freedom points) and copper coin (increase number of copper tokens) , at least once a day when your energy is full to get greater rewards for an hour. you get pieces of these amulets free by sending gifts to your friends.

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