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here are the pages of the Indian diary found during the quests in the indian room. In the game you can ses them in the Player's diary.

Page 1

Dear friend, you are holding a fragment of the true story of adventures of British officer Hugo Fall in colonial India. It started not too well: our ship was delayed for a whole day. After landing on the Bengal coast, we marched to Calcutta. Thanks to dedication and training of my soldiers, we went to Calcutta without delay. Sir Longstock, the representative of the East India Company in Calcutta was impressed with our speed and even gave me a gift - the pocket watch as a ticket of our success. The next piece of history you'll find in my last support in this long lonely life.

Page 2

When I safely reached Calcutta and met Sir Longstock, I realized it was a strange but pleasant gentleman. The strangeness laid in its fair manners and always immaculate suit, which was not expected to see so far from London. He asked me to deliver one thing to Colonel O'Connell in Meerut. At that time, I had no idea why the colonel needed walking cane.

Page 3

The disposition was simple and extremely unpleasant - our hired sepoys mutinied because of the rumors about the new percussion-fired rounds for the Enfield rifles that were probably greased with beef and pork fat, and rebelled against British rule... The Company is trying to keep it in a secret, but Sir Longstock understands that we will not leave it that way. He promised to help. After the short rest I take two hundred best fighters with me to try to suppress a revolt at Meerut and support the two British regiments stationed there. You'll find the other part of the story where the pride of a dandy makes him bow his head.

Page 4

We went through the Meerut like a knife through a piece of butter - sepoys drunk from blood and robbery had forgotten what the power and skill of the British Army looked like. Well, we reminded them. With ease we reached the fort, where the survivors were standing a siege. A lot of civilians, many wounded, but they held till the end. We had to go through several hard days without water, supplies and ammunition. Even hardened fighters were beaten to the ground by the scorching sun. Our situation became disastrous - we did not take the strength of the enemy and the lack of stocks.

Page 5

After I remembered about the cane and gave it to Colonel O'Connell, we consulted and decided to break through the siege and go to Rampur whose nawab was our ally. By some miracle still loyal soldiers of the 11th Infantry Regiment of the Bengal native managed to sweep through the enemy and they provided us with a way out of the city and guarded us through all the way to Rampur. It turned out, not all of India was against us. The next piece of this story is hidden in the item that led to the greatest temptation for gentlemen at this time of hardship and violence.

Page 6

Arrival at Rampur was a true salvation for us. We were not the noble warriors of Queen Victoria, not anymore - tired, exhausted people dying from thirst and heat. Only the presence of civilians forced us to hold on to the last - there were no one else to protect them. Only we and the native regiment. While we were making our way to Rampur at a speed of wounded turtles, we managed to get into the tens of ambushes and lose all the fighting zeal. But I knew what would happen when we finally reach Rampur - give my soldiers time to restore and noble anger would be flamed in their hearts again. No one forgives such a blow to esprit de corps, no one forgets the death of comrades.

Page 7

We were obliged to sir Longstock with our salvation. I met him near the palace. After a series of my questions, he simply handed me a flask and told: "Your thirst for knowledge, my friend, can only be satisfied by you." I opened the flask and found a note in it. It turned out that Sir Longstock was the agent of Queen Victoria, and it was he who sent a native regiment to save us. While we fought, he too was not sitting idle... For the last fragment, which will reveal the truth behind what was happening, you should ask those who gentleman needs, and a thief requires.

Page 8

The next night, I threw myself in the way of Sir Longstock again. It was necessary to get answers to the questions that plagued me ever since. I met him in the courtyard of the nawab's palace. Coming closer, I saw disgusting brown stains of blood on his previously spotless shirt. "Worry not, my friend, this is not my blood. I met Thuggee-strangler right here in the garden. We did not concur"- said Sir Longstock with a grin. I could not expect such a calmness after a fight to the death from him. Well, apparently the post of royal agent imposes certain obligations. But I still could not ask him my questions.

Page 9

"It's very simple, my dear friend, the hot sun of India touched the head of the gentlemen of the Company and they have forgotten by whose merit they are here. This loss of memory needs to be healed - could you be so kind to let Sir Greensmith breathe some cold air of Albion? Build a conspiracy behind the Queen Victoria's back is unacceptable for a gentleman". I just waged. "Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Fall, I would ask you to deliver these gloves to my friend in England, as a sign to action. And this - is my gift to you, as a souvenir of our meeting". He gave me a pair of gloves and a small box. The next morning we returned home. You can still find this box under the guard of four Indian deities.

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