Puzzle piece 24: attic, bedroom, boudoir

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How to Get Puzzle Piece 24 :

Important to Remember:

The information is translated from Russian, therefore, quest names could be slightly different in English version. You won’t get above quest series ‘spirituality’ early in the game. Just keep calm, do not rush and follow all the beige colored key/main plot quests you have. Do not combine the collection even you have completed it till you have quest asking for combining it. because if you combine a collection without quest you will have to collect all the items again to clear the quest.

Attic Puzzle Piece 24

You will get attic puzzle piece 24 by completing tasks from Tan

You will get tasks from Tan for completing collections in the following order.

Collection № 13 Tea Ceremony

Collection № 14 Wisdom of East

Collection № 15 Spirit Masks

Collection № 22 Esoteric Set

As soon as you complete collection 22 "Esoteric Set" through following quest series by Tan, you will get attic puzzle piece 24.

Quest Series by Tan: Spirituality:

1 European Magic: find the magic ball in the yard (crow) -17x

2 Pyramid: find a glass pyramid in the yard (gates) -20x

3 Eternal Candle: find eternal candle in the yard (lantern) -22times

4 window to another world: find a golden cup in the children room -22x

5 East and West: find Tan (library)

6 Communication with the other side: find a Ouija board (attic) -31x

7 Setting:put together collection "Esoteric Set"

8 Seance: pass attic at night - Reward Attic Puzzle Piece 24

Bedroom Puzzle Piece 24 (2nd Season)

You will get bedroom puzzle piece 24 through quest “Defuse Trap” by Ryan.

First following quest chain from Jenny will appear.

- Spokes in the bedroom

- Old wool

- the last thread

- Buttonholes eyes

That will start a chain from Ryan “Trap”:

(Quest for Season 2, Collection 20 “Vietnamese Trap”)

1. Helpers

2. Lost drill

3. Spikes in bedroom

4. Poison or medicine

5. Rusty tin

6. What is he doing?

7. Lesson confidence

8. Old nails

9. Work with a hammer

10. Traps for monkey

11. Caught or lost

12. Defuse trap - 24 piece puzzle Bedrooms

Boudoir Puzzle Piece 24 (2nd Season)

Chain “Damned” by Tan

(Quest for Season 2, Collection 29 “Life of the Maiden”)

Complete following quest chain to get Boudoir puzzle piece 24:

Traces of the well

Shadow of life

Stolen Treasure

Dam on the way memory

The death instead of life

Maiden’s Life by Tan <- this quest will be give 24 puzzle piece of boudoir.

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