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You already know that you can get 24th piece of the rooms puzzle only for completing the quest. To make your life easier we made a table of such quests with the name of the quest giver as well.

Real rooms

Puzzle piece Quest Questgiver
Kitchen puzzle piece №24 Aid in Cooking Jenny
Living Room puzzle piece №24 First key The Puppeteer
Basement puzzle piece №24 Second key The Puppeteer
Hallway puzzle piece № 24 Third key The Puppeteer
Children's room puzzle piece № 24 Fourth key The Puppeteer
Library puzzle piece № 25 Fifth key The Puppeteer
Attic puzzle piece №24 Seance Tan
Bedroom puzzle piece №24 Discharge the trap Ryan
Winter garden puzzle piece №24 Weird riddle Ryan
Film Theater puzzle piece №24 Packing Findings Jenny
Study puzzle piece №24 According to the plan Matt
Garage puzzle piece №24
Bathrooom puzzle piece №24
First floor puzzle piece №24 Obtained from rats and ravens
Photolab puzzle piece №24

Ghost rooms

Puzzle piece Quest Questgiver
Well puzzle piece №24 Maiden's Invitation Arlene
Oak puzzle piece №24 Harp from the Other Side Filida
Crypt puzzle piece №24 Control panel Ryan
Stone Circle puzzle piece №24 Old Man's Life Arlene
Boudoir puzzle piece №24 Life of the Maiden Isami (Tan)
Lounge puzzle piece №24 Answer Isami (Tan)
Closet puzzle piece №24 Routine Leonard
Marie's Bedroom puzzle piece №24 Fire Leonard
Dining room puzzle piece №24 Fortune-telling with a mirror Marie

Festive puzzles

To start putting together festive puzzles you will need to find a special amulet first. In this table you will see the list of puzzles with corresponding amulets and their effect duration

Puzzle Amulet Effect duration (hours)
April 1st Amulet of the "April the 1st" puzzle 1
Geese and swans Amulet of the "Geese and swans" puzzle 1
Early wake Amulet of the "Early wake" puzzle 12
Jack the bush Amulet of the "Jack the bush" puzzle 48
Wicked witch Amulet of the "Wicked witch" puzzle 1
Halloween factions Amulet of the "Halloween factions" puzzle 12
Guilt Amulet of the "Guilt" puzzle 48
First snow Amulet of the "First snow" puzzle 1
Christmas Eve Amulet of the "Christmas Eve" puzzle 12
Snowball fight Amulet of the "Snowball fight" puzzle 48
Waiting for spring Amulet of the "Waiting for spring" puzzle 1
Chocolates Amulet of the "Chocolate sweets" puzzle 12
Gardener Amulet of the "Gardener" puzzle 48
1000 and 1 cookie Amulet of the "1000 and 1 cookie" puzzle 1
Stay awake! Amulet of the "Stay awake!" puzzle 12
Cream ambush Amulet of the "Cream ambush" puzzle 48
Spring dance Amulet of the "Spring dance" puzzle 1
Horned God Amulet of the "Horned God" puzzle 12
Fire show Amulet of the "Fireshow" puzzle 48
Circle dance
Little Thief Camomile 1
Once by the Fire Saint-John's wort 12
Summer twining Fern flower 48
Swing Truth Amulet 1
Picnic Dream amulet 12
Starlit summer Love amulet 48
Independence Day 1 Bell of freedom 1
Independence Day 2 Eagle of freedom 12
Independence Day 3 Statue of freedom 48
Accident Amulet of the "Accident" puzzle 12
Round loaf Essex ring 1
Duel Cambridge bell 12
Wheat platting Stafford knot 48
Folk dancing Hop withe 1
Celebration for two Tent 12
Cook Munich monk 48
Shipbuilder Astrolabe 24
Friendly Ghost Witch bag 1
Gothic Witch broom 12
Fly-flap Christmas fairy 1
Juggler Christmas house 1
Valentine's Day Wings of love 6
Irish medicine Triquetra 1
Happy days Amulet of the Celts 12
Solo dance Claddagh ring 48
Holi holiday Indian bracelet 12
Door to India Sandal comb 48
First Summer solstice puzzle Heather amulet 1
Second Summer solstice puzzle Wicker doll amulet 12
Third Summer solstice puzzle Sun amulet 48
Else's holiday Cambridge bell 12
Hop Hop withe 1
Exchanged Tent 12
Oktoberfest Munich monk 48
Kings of scream Witch hat 48
Rest by the fireplace Christmas sledge 1
Snuffle Christmas elf 1
We will prevail Cuckoo 1

Star puzzles

Star puzzles are new to the game but they work on the same terms as the festive puzzles.

Puzzle Amulet Effect duration (hours)
Mansion Mansion amulet 1
Jenny Jenny's amulet 1
Jim Jim's amulet 1
Jack Jack's amulet 1
Tigress Tigress's amulet 1
Dragon in the bathroom Dragon's amulet 1
The Puppeteer Puppeteer's amulet 1
Investigator Investigator amulet 1
Fire maiden Fire Maiden amulet 1
Elder Elder amulet 1
Virgo Virgo amulet 1
Leo Leo amulet 1
Libra Libra amulet 1
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