How to Get Greater Discounts in the Game

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(We thank you Al Cabala for pointing out this interesting feature.)

almost everyone buys items from the store in the game (decorations, life items, activators, amulets etc). There is a way to get more discount than the game is offering to buy these items.

The trick is the game let you gift the same item at greater discount than it let you buy. and it is true for almost all the items, leaving few.

Just a few examples:

Items Buy Gift Discount
Tea tray: 24 gold 22 g (10% discount)
Antlers: 16 gold 14 g (15% discount)
Set of nets and traps: 50,000 bronze 31,500 br (35% discount)
Pillow: 12000 bronze 7,200 br (40% discount)
Set of Reinf. nets/traps: 40 gold 20 g (50% discount)
Ancient powers kit: 66 gold 23 g (65% discount)

this list is not exhaustive. visit the store and you will realize almost every item is much cheaper to gift than to buy.

All you have to do is to find a partner who needs the same item and gift that to each other. You can ask in the group for someone interested in getting a specific item that you want to purchase and both can enjoy greater discounts. its a Win-Win situation.

Cheers! Happy Gaming!

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