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The game offers several options through which players can get energy, store it, accumulate it and use when needed.

A tip is do not go below critical, which is 20% of your total health, because below critical it takes longer for the energy to regenerate and not all energy items work below critical.

Free Energy Gift:

There is at least one free gift available in the game all the times that give 3 energy. these days its slice of cheese. put it on your wishlist, so that your friends can send it to you.

●The more friends you have the more cheese you get. Gives 3 energy each.

●This items work above critical level of energy, which is above 20% of player’s total energy.


players can get 1-3 cookies from each friend by visiting their room daily. Remember the number of players from which you can get cookies is limited by the level of your dark karma.

●Increase dark kamra level to get cookies by visiting more friends.

●Each cookie gives 1 energy.

●Cookies work above critical level

Thank You Gift:

When you send gifts to your friends in the game and they click ‘thank you’ for receiving the gift, you will automatically get a thank you gift from them. This gift could be an energy item e.g. cookies that restore one energy each and work above critical. So do not forget to send gifts to your friends daily.

Healing Pellets:

These pellets could be sent to you free by unlimited number of friends daily. That means the more friends you have the more healing pellets you get.

●Each pellet restore 1 energy. If for example you have 400 friends, you may get 400 energy daily.

●These pellets work even below critical level of energy

●The pellets you receive will be directly added to your energy as you log in the game and will not go to the inventory.

Belgian Waffles:

Players have chance to get Belgian Waffles by going through any room in any one of the three trap modes i.e. mirror room, against time or invisible ink.

●Each Belgian waffle restore 15 energy

●They work even below critical.

●Waffles will be locked if your room is in any other mode except for trap modes

Daily/ Additional Quests

Players can also get energy items like Salad, Apple etc as a reward by completing some of the daily and additional quests (the blue and green colored quests).

From Decorations:

Interact with your own and your friends' decoration daily for dark and light karma. it gives many gifts including energy items. following are a few energy items you can get (the list is not exhaustive).

●Tangerine: restore 3 points of life if your health is above critical level

●Christmas Candy: restore 1 points of life if your health is above critical level

●A Piece of Apple Pie: restore 3 points of life if your health is above critical level

●Pumpkin Pie: restore 3 points of life if your health is above critical level

●Valentine Card: speed up life recovery for 10 minutes

From Collections:

Combining some collections also give energy items or energy boosters. Have a look at the list of collections in the collection window and note down which collections gives energy rewards. Charge them often to get energy. Just to name a few Butterflies collection gives packet of juice, timer collection gives apple, wooden toy collection gives healing balsam. there are many more.

Cracking Safes:

By cracking safes in your room and in your friends room players has a chance to get various energy items, including

●Apple: restore 30 health points. work above critical

●Chocolate: It not only restore 20 life points but also increase life limit by 20 for 30 hours. You can also use 5 chocolates at a time to get 100 life points and increase in life limit.

●A Cup of Coffee: it not only restore 100 life points but also increase life limit by 100 for 7 days. You can also use two cups at a time to get 200 life points and increase in life limit.

Participating in the Game Events

also gives you valuable energy items and decors. e.g. currently Summer Solstice event is on. you get one Scone by putting together 10 splinters each time. each Scone gives 6 energy. There is almost always such items available to event participators. Even if you are unable to complete the event you will get various interim rewards.

Blood Bags:

Players have chance to get blood bags by going through the room “Garage”.

●Each blood bag restore 3 health points

●The work even below critical.

Community page Promotions:

Sometimes, there are also free gifts and contests available on community page. We suggest players visit the page at least once a day to avoid missing any gift.

Buy energy items from the store.

these are usually for gold coins. There is a little tip, gifting these items to a friend instead of buying them directly will save you few coins. so if you can find a gift partner, gift it to each other.

Buy decorations

that speed up your energy regeneration rate. these are also for gold coins. again gifting them could be cheaper than purchasing them. the best one available right now is ‘English Tea Tray’ reduce recovery time of life by 30%. then there is ‘Chinese Tea tray’ reduce life recovery time by 20% and ‘Antique clock’ reduce life recovery time by 10% .now the tip is if you put english tea tray plus antique clock, your life recovery time reduce by 40%. similarly Chinese Tea + Antique clock, reduce life recovery time 30%. That is their effect stack up.

VIP Status:

You can also purchase VIP status. it will speed up your recovery but again cost money.

Okay thats all i could think of right now. Hope everyone is enjoying the game as much as i am.


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