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As soon as you hit level 4 in the game a Dial Plate/ Clock with ‘New Task’ written on it will appear on your game screen.


The dial plate will settle at the lower right corner of your game.


First thing to understand is that there is not one but three dial plates or clocks.

1.Clock of Freedom

2.Clock of Challenge

3.Clock of Friendship

How do i know which clock i am working on?

There are two ways to identify which clock you are working on. First look at the needle of the clock. Each clock has different needle.


How to switch between three clocks?

Click the red arrows on left or right side near bottom of the clock to switch between three clocks.


Each Clock has 5 quests that you need to complete i.e. total 15 quests. Each of these 15 quests has their individual reward, plus when you complete all of them you will get Feather decoration, golden horseshoe, set of nets and traps and 3000 copper tokens. It does not matter which clock quests you complete first.

Clock of Freedom:

You can start with any clock. lets start with clock of freedom. You can see two red arrows near bottom of the picture on left and right side. use any one of these to scroll between clocks, till you get clock of freedom. To make sure you got the clock of freedom notice the needle type and the name of clock written below needle.


On this clock you can see five small circles, indicating five quests. The name of each quest is attached with each small circle on the dial plate. Following are these names/quests.

1.Complete the task

2.Catch the Ravens

3.Unlock the Hallway

4.Running towards Freedom

5.Put the puzzle together.

Out of these five quests which quest is active right now?

Look at the needle, it will point towards active quest. In the above picture needle is pointing towards top circle that means quest “Complete the Task” is active right now. The detail of active quest and its reward is written in red between two red arrows near the bottom of the clock. For this quest it is “The prisoners of the house need your help. Complete three tasks and receive the reward: net” To complete this task you have to complete any three quests given to you by the game in your quest log.

How to make sure that we have completed the quest?

When your quest is completed following dial plate will appear saying ‘Completed’.

Now click on the dial plate. following picture will open up. Notice two things first, the top circle whose task you have completed is glowing and second, at the bottom it is written in red that you have successfully completed the task.


How to get reward of the quest i have just completed?

The reward for completing this quest was “Net”. To get your reward click on the glowing circle (shown in the above picture). The reward will pop out and the needle will move clockwise to the second circle showing the new active quest (shown in the picture below).


Now the active quest is “Catch the Ravens”. The details at the bottom said that you need to catch 3 black ravens/crows. Remember for this you must be level 6. Black rats and crows area opens at level 6 not at level 5 as written in the picture.

After completing the quest repeat the above steps i.e. open the dial plate, make sure the quest is completed and click on the glowing circle to which needle is pointing, your reward will pop out and needle will move to next circle.

Keep repeating these steps till you do all five quests on this “Clock of Freedom”.

Clock of Challenge:

When you are done with all five quests once again click on red arrows on the bottom right and left side to switch to the second clock. Lets say you switch to Clock of Challenge. you will see something like this.

Notice the type of needle is different and the name of clock is written below needle, near bottom.


Again this clock has five quests:

1.Use Laser

2.Wear an Amulet

3.Pass the tests

4.Complete the collections

5.Use the bank

The quest towards which needle is pointing is active and its description and reward is written near bottom in red. Keep completing all these quests as explained above for first clock.

Clock of Friendship:

When you are done with the above clock switch to the last clock “Clock of Friendship” using same red arrows.


Repeat the same steps as explained above to complete 5 tasks of this ‘Clock of Friendship’.

1.Share your achievement

2.Find friends

3.Visit a friend

4.Join group

5.Give gifts

Quests Details:

Now as you are aware of the Mechanics how to deal with the dial plate quests, i will explain all quests in a little bit detail to help you understand what you need to do for each quest.

Clock of Freedom:

Complete the task: complete any 3 quests given in the game.

Reward: Net (used to catch black crows)

Catch the Ravens: catch 3 black crows on the house plane.

Hint: you must be at least level 6 in the game to be able to do it.

Reward: Wooden box (have collection items)

Unlock the Hallway: reach level 7 in the game and the hallway will unlock by itself.

Reward: Net and Trap (used to catch black rats and crows)

Running towards Freedom: go through hallway in less than 60 seconds.

Hint: use watch or chronometer to slow down time if needed.

Reward: Construction set (increase chance of finding rare/ very rare puzzle piece)

Put the puzzle together: collect all the pieces and put together any one puzzle

Reward: Mixture (give 20 points of energy even below critical)

Clock of Challenge:

Use Laser: use 3 lasers while going through any room

Reward: Iron horseshoe (increase chance of finding rare collection items in rooms)

Wear an Amulet: use any three amulets

Hint: you can use iron bell, iron horseshoe, copper coin or goose down

Reward: Apple (gives 30 points of energy above critical level)

Pass the tests: go through kitchen, livingroom, hallway and basement once

Reward: Artist Kit (have brush, paper, glue. could be 6-12 items)

Complete the collections: Complete and compile any three collections

Reward: Golden bell (increase chance of finding common/ very common items)

Use the bank: make a purchase from bank

Hint: this quest need you to spend real money but there is a way out. Just let this quest sit there and it will automatically complete in few days time. you dont need to do anything just wait few days.

Clock of Friendship:

Share your achievement: when you complete any quest, click ‘share’ to share it on your wall

Reward: Laser

Find friends: add 5 neighbors.

Hint: just be friend with 5 people who play this game and they will automatically show up as neighbors in your game.

Visit a friend: visit anyone of you neighbor in the game

Hint: to do this click on any of your neighbor picture in the friend bar and it will give you an option to visit, click on it.

Join group: hit ‘like’ on The Panic Room Community page Hint: this is the link of the page: try Chrome browser if quest doesn’t clear

Give gifts: give valuable gifts to 5 friends.

Hint: send bracelets to any 5 friends. you will find it in the tools tab of the store

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