Diary of the Poisoner

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"Pesticide? (Crossed out) - Aronia juice - Acid? (Crossed out) black currant juice - cauliflower - mulberry ... and chlorine? ... Reaction (crossed out) dishwashing liquid? bleach?"


Tomorrow, we both get a response from the university. Someone gets the place and someone - doesn't. Of course, it will be mine. I am confident that it's mine. Norman's works have no comparison with mine.


They chose him! According to the scientific council - Norman is the better candidate than me! These lofty university rats failed to appreciate my talent. But my research is so important to medicine, and in general for all the mankind! And Norman? Just an ordinary chemist, he even doesn't have proper publications.


Margaret fully supports her husband. And this woman is called my sister. Sometimes I think that I shouldn't introduce them in the first place. "Kurt, you're sure to become a famous scientist and invent a cure for all ills!" She doesn't tell this anymore. Now Norman is the great chemist, able to make a discovery that will change the world. And her brother is forgotten.


These people have no signs of conscience at all. They invited me to a special dinner to celebrate Norman's inclusion in the research group of the University. He was joking the entire evening about that it was his old watch that brought him luck. Idiotic superstition, but he likes it. And Margaret, too. I hate them!


Norman came to pick up his things from our old laboratory. With what a pleasure he told how serious they were granted and what newest equipment he would work now... He leaves me to rot in the basement with the exhausted, dusty reagents... Why, why they chose him!


I woke up at night from a horrible nightmare. In the dream I was chased by huge Norman's watch that wanted to crush me... I'm going crazy! This traitor has confused everyone with his "magic watch". And he's supposed to be the honorable scientist. How can he be so superstitious?!


I continue to study the reaction of organic acids and alkanes with halogens. Norman picked up his belongings, and I decided to clean the lab a bit. During the process I've found my old research diary. I used to write the experiments there when I was a schoolboy. There are so many funny thoughts in it!


It's very exciting to read the old records. For example, my mother's garden was flooded with pests, and I decided to create a pesticide to get rid them. And made such a toxic poison instead that nearly poisoned the whole family! And the recipe is quite simple and the ingredients are easy to find. I have a strange idea.


Margaret called me to tell how wonderful Norman feels in a new place. He says he has big prospects in the lab and that new colleagues adore him. As if to mock me! Falsely felt sorry that they only had one place, not two! I could not stop to throw the receiver on the phone; it hit the wall and crashed. Now I have no phone.


Dreamed about Norman's watch again! I catch myself thinking - maybe they really bring good luck? It's a nightmare, feeling that I am starting to lose my mind.


I decided to try to make the poison just for fun. I had to go to the market to buy all the necessary ingredients. Met there some of our common friends with Norman, they told me their regrets, and admired Norman at the same time. I came home and burned all our common photos with him and Margaret. I felt better - like they both disappeared. That was not fair!


The poison is ready, I poured it into a small jar - if you open it, the composition will begin to react with the air and form a toxic gas. I read about the properties of this poison - it causes long and painful death. One certainly wouldn't wish that to someone... Or would he?


If Norman died suddenly, would they take me in his place to the University? I am sure that, they would. They would not be able to resist such a brilliant scientist. Oh, what am I talking about?


I decided. I'll destroy the traitors; erase them from the face of the earth. In the end, Norman and Margaret are only a trifling obstacle in the way of my new life… that great future that is waiting for me!


I must admit that to plan the murder - is a fascinating process! It is necessary to take many things into account - how to kill them, where, when. How to make sure that no one would know it was me. A pistol? But the shot noise can wake the neighbors. A knife? I'm afraid of blood. An accident?


I walked around for too long and the answer was right in front of me! The poison I've made! Especially because it's ready, the bottle stands on the table in the lab and waiting for its hour. They will die in their house - fortunately they inherited it from our parents, and I still have the keys to the door.


I'm starting soon. That is the plan - at exactly ten o'clock, Norman and Margaret go to bed. The house is old, and every window has shutters they usually close at night. I will get into the house, hide the open jar under their bed, and lock their bedroom. They will not be able to get out.


Now it's eight in the morning, and I didn't sleep all night! Everything was perfect! They didn't even understand where the gas was coming from! Throw themselves on the door and the windows like crazy! Norman broke the glass and cut his hand, but the shutters are opening from the outside... I waited for three hours and then came back, looked at their crooked bodies turned blue... and then noticed this foolish Norman's watch. It was smeared in blood, but I still took it. No one's gonna catch me!


Behave as if nothing had happened, doing usual routines, laughing loudly under the mask of calmness! The terrible double murder has already appeared in the newspapers. I did not leave any traces, so there is nothing to worry about.


I tried this wacky Norman's watch. Now they will bring good luck to me. Ha-ha! I am waiting for an invitation from the Council to take the vacant place in the research group from day to day. Still haven't replaced my phone, so I think they will send an invitation by mail.


Having trouble. Today the police came. Wondered where I was that night, and if my sister and her husband had any enemies... I put much effort in showing grief for the murdered relatives. It's good I had time to get the watch from my hand. After the police left i buried it with the can in the garden. Just in case.


Today was the funeral. So many people have come! It's amazing how everyone loved those disgusting traitors. And Aunt Marie in general - she has hung on me and flooded me in tears. Like, I know how you loved your little sister ...loved her so much! There were also members of the council there. I went to them to ask, when I can join the research group. But they only gave me a strange look.


Finally, I can go back to the records. I was judged as the main suspect in the murder of Norman and Margaret. It was so disgusting and humiliating! However, they did not have enough evidence to accuse me. The main piece of evidence - Norman's watch - still wasn't found...


Journalists still can't calm down! The murder is still on the front pages! In the eyes of the public, I am the same monster that killed his sister and his best friend... The one of the journalists works so hard on this story. I shouldn't have to pay attention - no one can prove a thing.


One of the journalists sent me a letter - he said, if I'm innocent I wouldn't be afraid to give an interview to him. Didn't not bother myself answering, I just want to be left alone.


I'm furious! Returned home and ransacked my laboratory in anger! These pigs, these vile arrogant rats from the university refused to take me at Norman's place! Even hinted that they believe me the murderer, and now they will make sure that all the roads in the world of science are closed for me...


Norman's watch didn't bring me luck, and neither did his death. But I'm not going to give up. The council would not dare to step in my way. I should do this from the very beginning - to deal with the scientific council. I should make more poison.


It is a pity that I could not cope with the feelings and caused such damage to my laboratory. Although the method of preparing the poison is quite simple, and I don't need special equipment But there is a problem - how to get the ingredients. Going to the market may cause too much attention...


I had to go to the next town to get the ingredients, but now I have everything I need. I will make the poison less concentrated so the death of members of the council will be slower and more terrible. Norman and Margaret had died within a couple of hours - it's too easy death for the university rats.


Made my way to the university, pretending to be a student, and found out that the council meets at noon on Tuesdays. I stole the key from the room. All I need - to come earlier and hide the jar in the office, and when they gather - to lock the door. The room is cramped, and even if they break the windows - the poison will not erode.


Everything is lost! I'm on the run! One of the council members came early and caught me in the mask, when I opened the room. He saw Norman's watch on my hand and understood everything. While he ran, screaming for help, I left the scene. But now I can't go home, where should I hide myself.


I am hiding in the woods. It's cold here; I have no change of clothes, no food, nothing but can of poison and the diary! I remembered about the abandoned mansion in the town that nobody goes in. It may be a good hideout for me.


I sit in the basement, in the darkness and tremble with fear. Where am I? There is something mad happening in the house! It is full of these crazy people and there are cameras and deadly traps in every corner! And I do not know how to get out of here.


The only thing I know that some wicked maniac calling himself the Puppeteer is in control of this house. He locked people here as lab rats and observes their torments. Everyone in this mansion has just one goal - to survive. I too should think about staying alive before i find the way out of here.


I found a secret room. Carefully making my way down the corridor, I saw the trap, leaned to the wall to get around it, and accidentally clicked something. The wall shuddered and moved aside. I got inside and began to look around. A few minutes later the door slammed shut. And now I'm trapped. But at least there are no other madmen here.


I sit at the cold wall and play with this stupid watch. It seems that they are cursed and brought all these troubles upon me. I am seized by anger. It's all Norman and Margaret's fault! And, I would kill them again if they were not already dead.


This so-called Puppeteer spoke to me! It appears there is a camera in this room too. He said something like - look for the path to freedom, don't sit still... I don't understand what it means. Was it he who locked the door?


The head is splitting. Threw Norman clock away, could no longer look at them. And I'm also going to hide the diary. Why am I writing this anyway? Does all this make sense? I want to tear the notebook into small pieces...


Now I dwell in the attic. The rest of the people are down there - killing each other, fighting, shedding blood. I hear their cries every day and night. Sometimes I sneak my way into the kitchen to stock up on food. Supplies are low, but I have to make the living with what I can find.


There is the chest in the attic; I hoped to find in it a blanket or something like that, because there is pretty cold in here. I didn't find the blanket, but I came across a terrible rag doll. There was something sewn in it - in soft body I felt something hard. Slightly pushed on the rag stomach and cut my fingers. The doll had a blade sewn in it. I spattered the entire toy with my blood. Got very angry and threw away this horrible doll.


I don't understand what is happening. I heard some whispering and laughter last night. It seems that the voice was childish. I lit my only candle and searched every corner: in the attic I was alone. Whence this terrible laughter coming from then? I seem heard it or was it a dream?


Went down to look for food. In the dark corridor I saw a small figure. At first, I thought it was a girl, so I prepared to defend myself - nobody can be trusted here. But when I came closer - the figure melted. And I heard a laugh behind me. I spun around, but saw no one. It was like the laughter that I heard last night.


Again, I have nightmares. I woke up in complete darkness and could not move, like pinned by a big weight. Someone was sitting on me, huge and heavy. I felt a pain in the neck, as if this someone was biting me. I wanted to scream but could not. Horror consumed me, and when fear reached its peak, I woke up. It was just a dream. But what a terrible one!


Whisper. I always hear these whispers and laughter. Going crazy? What's happening?! In the darkness, I always see shadows, shapes, silhouettes. I need a lamp or more candles!


Constant fear makes me physically tired. I even stopped to be afraid of these loony people with whom I live in the house. It's no longer possible to hide in the attic; it's too dark and creepy. In general, I'm afraid to be alone. Whispers and dreams, they torture me...


I saw a girl! She laughed at me so disgusting and terribly and whispered something. The white lace dress with long blond hair. Girl was running down the hall and waving her hand. I followed her. She led me to the room where I was locked up. I was afraid to step through the door and just looked at her. There was nobody there. Where has this little one go? And what is she doing here?


I fell asleep in the children's room. Today, no one was there. I woke up and opened my eyes; saw the face, hovering over me. This strange girl sat on me and looked directly into my eyes. And she smiled. I started screaming and trying to push her. But she firmly held on to me, and then smiled even wider and, I swear, all her teeth were like sharpened fangs, like the jaws of a terrible monster. I cried louder, she began to lean, as if about to kiss me. I became frenzy, tossed on the bed, trying to dodge her, and then woke up. It was a real nightmare. I lit a candle and sat there for several hours, unable to move completely away from this nightmare.


Is this girl real? Or is she a ghost who hurts me? I do not believe in ghosts. Rather, it is hallucination, caused by constant stress and malnutrition. How to get out of this house? My life has turned into a nightmare.


I am confident that I must be mad. My mind is very sick, there is no doubt. Today I was in the basement, looking for food. On one of the shelves I've noticed a bundle. Unfolding it, I found a sausage. My mouth watered! I've started to eat it; it was the most delicious food that I ate in my life! And then I realized that in my hands there's not food, but a screaming and dying rat... A hairy animal that I'm eating alive... I... I do not want to remember...


I thought that the girl is a figment of my imagination. But I found an old photo when I was hiding in the library. As if someone has specially put on the table, so that I could see it. Old, yellowed photo. On it there were girl and boy twins. The boy was sad, exhausted, as if frightened... And the girl was smiling, happy, that smile I remember. It was my old friend. The one who roams the corridors of the house and comes to me in nightmares. I looked at the photo for a minute, and then it suddenly flamed, and some of it burned. Now the boy has a hole instead of a face.


Whispers and laughter, I hear them almost always. And when I walk to that cave, I also hear the cries of pain and pleas. Once I even saw something there. As if a figure was lying on the floor and around it was blood, lots of blood... It is a vision that appeared only for a moment. What happened there?


I met a boy from that photo. I was walking down the hall, and suddenly heard a familiar whisper. I've turned and saw him. A boy about ten years old, with sad eyes, looked at me and waved, as if he called me. Then he brought me to the library. On one of the shelves there was blood. He wanted me to find something.


I surveyed the shelf at the library and found a cache. It contained dusty flasks with already evaporated substances, vintage scales, similar to modern pharmaceuticals, a few crystals and bags of powders. If I had the equipment, I would be able to determine what kind of substance it was. There also was a notebook, like a diary. On the cover there was a signature of Alfred Matzerath. Probably, it is the owner's name. Entries in the notebook were in German, and I do not know this language.


What do they want from me, these ghostly children? Tell me about how they died? I'm not interested. But I'm afraid they will not leave me alone, and I will have to satisfy their whim.


I have witnessed a fight in the living room. Residents of the mansion were fighting for food. I took a moment and stole a jar of canned fish. When I opened it, for a long time I could not decide to put food into my mouth. Still had fresh memories of a rat in the basement. I was afraid that I'll start eating and suddenly discover that instead of fish I am eating worms or something worse...


The girl always tries to take me to the cellar. A boy, on the contrary, is trying to stop her. We need to know what happened in the bloody cave, until I finally go mad.


In the bedroom closet I've found an old family photo album. Among the photos there was a shot that flashed in my hands in the library. It is signed - "Agnes und Oscar Matzerath". Again, German! Agnes and Oscar - the names of the dead children? The boy is with some strange dry aquarium on all photos. How is it called? Florarium? A strange hobby for a boy. Lots of baby photos, some of them with a man - a tall, heavyset, with dark bushy mustache. Clearly, he is their father. Photos of him are signed "Alfred Matzerath" - that's whose diary I found in the library. There is not a single image with the mother of twins. But on one photo there's Alfred along with his fiancée Anna. Is she the mother of Oscar and Agnes?


Now I know what happened in the cellar. Agnes came back to me in a dream. She took me by my hand and led me into the damn cellar. As soon as I crossed the border of the room, I found that the figure lying on the floor was Agnes. Her hands and feet were attached to the floor with some bracelets, and in her chest... She was covered in blood, screaming and struggling, I began to cry too, realizing that this is a nightmare, but I could not wake up... When I finally was pulled out of the dream to the reality, I sat down, lit a candle, and swore that I would never go to the cellar again... Who could do that to a poor child?


Agnes is trying hard to lure me into the cellar. Perhaps there is also a hiding place? And is there something that will help me to find out who killed the girl? But I cannot force myself to go inside again - after all the visions and dreams of the death of Agnes, this room horrificates me.


There is a basket of old toys in the children's room. Today I heard rustling coming from it. The cart shook as if someone stirred inside. First I thought it were rats, there are a lot of them in this house. But then suddenly red spots of something looking like blood appeared on the wall of the basket. And then I saw red stream on the floor... I have suppressed the urge to scream and run away from the room, just closed my eyes and counted to ten. When I opened my eyes, the vision disappeared.


Today I’ve met Agnes again in the hallway. She began to point towards the cellar and nod. I refused and was about to turn away, when suddenly she frowned and started moving on me. Evil dead baby scared the bejesus out of me there was something very sinister in her look. I quickly leaned back and crashed into a girl. A real, live girl, I don’t know her name but I’ve seen her sometimes among the other tenants. Agnes laughed, and the girl gave me a strange look and then turned away and ran. Didn’t she see and hear the girl?


Oscar led me into the bedroom, pointed at the bed and disappeared. I dug through the pillows and the blanket, examined the mattress, but found nothing. Then I realized that the dead boy offered to look under the bed. And there among all the dusty stuff I found the box. Inside there were various women's trifles — a pocket mirror, ribbons, pair of gloves, a bracelet, and a few letters. They are all addressed to Anna Mazerat from Emilia Blake. It’s good that these letters are in English, I can read them.


As I understand, this Emilia was a cousin of the wife of Alfred Mazerat. Anna was unhappy with the marriage and complained to her relative about her husband. She even wanted to cause the spouse harm, as Emilia writes to her that "Whatever monster was Al, I don't think it should be a reason for such terrible deeds. Maybe you just run away?" Probably Anna had listened to that advice. And then the German had married the second time, and his new wife bore him twins? While I was thinking about this, the letters burned in my hands, there were shouts and laughter all around, so I grabbed the box and ran out of the room.


I found the English-German dictionary in the library. Now I can try to translate the diary of the father and find answers. Though it will take a lot of time.


Agnes don't like that I'm trying to translate he father’s diary. She appears and tries to scare me, extinguishes the candle, levitates objects, making menacing faces. But I stopped being afraid, she is only a disembodied spirit and can do nothing to me, except maybe turning my dream into a nightmare. But lately I don't sleep much, and if suddenly fall asleep from weakness, dreams avoid me then.


Alfred Mazerat was fond of dark magic and alchemy. He used to perform his alchemical and magical experiments in the cellar. Well, I can understand his desire to reveal the mysteries and to comprehend the unknown. I managed to translate his record about marrying Anna Blake. Dislike between the spouses as mutual and the marriage was fictitious. Anna needed Mazerat’s money, and he — her connections and aristocratic position.


Hid in the children’s room and again I’ve heard noises coming from the basket with toys. Again she started to tremble and bleed. Then I heard crying. Oscar appeared next to the basket. He leaned on her back and looked at me plaintively and sadly. I came to the basket and began to pull out toys. Hand came across something soft. I looked closer and saw blonde hair, stained with blood. I recoiled and ran out of the children’s room. It was Oscar. Dead Oscar.


There are a lot of descriptions of magic rituals in Alfred’s diary. He had some special spell book of spells that has a strange seal-lock. He writes that "the seal for the book lock is missing it’s probably Anna playing another dirty trick with me". I start to suspect that he went crazy and killed his wife and then both kids. What kind of monster was this man?


Poor Oscar showed me another cache. There was a secret compartment in the Anna’s mirror. And there was a letter to her cousin. She writes that she had opened Alfred’s magic book and read a spell. She thought it was some kind of jinx or a curse for her husband. What a stupid woman! Writes that nothing has happened yet. But she is afraid that her husband is watching her, so she wrote this letter secretly and was going to send it out discreetly when out in the town. Most likely Anna was really the mother of Oscar and Agnes, as she writes: "Dear Emily, you will soon be an Auntie — I'm pregnant!»


Translation goes faster, German starts looking more familiar to me. What I learned: Anna died in childbirth, giving birth to two children — a boy and a girl. Her husband knew that she had used his magical book, but have not figured out what spell she used. Mazerat makes merry over the stupidity of his dead wife, there were no spells directed against another person in this book. Only the spells to summon demons. He believes that his wife has cursed herself and died of that.


Agnes tried to burn the diary of her father. But Oscar didn’t let her. They began to appear in front of me when I was busy translating. The diary burned in my hands when went off again. The shapes of the twins flashed in the air, I tried to take the notebook and run away, but fell into a kind of stupor. In the end, they just disappeared, and the diary remained intact. Only the edges were burned, but it doesn’t prevent me from translating it.


I have translated the record of the childhood of Oscar and Agnes. Alfred truly loved his son, who grew up a quiet boy, while the girl was a real tomboy and liked to do mischief to others. She has sewed up blades and needles in toys and seats of the furniture... Agnes was often punished for being naughty. Well, still, this girl has stayed nasty even after death.


It becomes more difficult to translate the diary. Alfred's writings become more confusing and, he starts using slang words that I can’t translate even with a dictionary. I understood only that something had happened with their maid. She began to complain of poor sleep, constant fatigue, was becoming paler and more exhausted every day... Alfred was scared. Maybe this is the moment when he began to go crazy?


The boy died. His bloodied body was found in the basket of toys. He showed me his death... His father was frantic with grief, and from his records I learned that Oscar had died from blood loss — something stunned him and bitten to death. Some kind of animal? Or it was the work of Alfred, only he did not know about this?


The diary was gone! Surely, Agnes has stolen it! What does she want to hide from me?


Damn girl wants to do something. She charms or hypnotizes me, I don't know what to call it. I didn’t notice falling asleep, then suddenly woke up and realized that don't lie in the children’s room under the protective canopy, but like a clockwork doll walk straight to the cellar. I was able to overcome the obsession and ran back. She will not lure me into that room of death!


Oscar helped me. He showed me a page of the diary hidden in the mansion. Apparently, it says something very important. I should start the translation immediately, while his sister is not trying to stop me.


I found out the truth, and it's incredible. Alfred found out what exactly did Anna by reading the spell. She summoned the demon that has possessed a human soul, but not her, but the soul of the unborn Agnes. This girl, possessed by a demon, was tormenting the cook, drinking her blood in the night. And then she killed her own brother. Alfred writes that as the girl was possessed by the demon in the womb, before her birth, it’s impossible to separate them. And as she grew up, the demon becomes stronger. Alfred doesn't know how to stop her. If Agnes dies, the demon will be freed and will find a new victim. There is no escape.


I have translated the last part of the recording. Alfred found a ritual, able to seal the demon. The carrier needs to be confined to the surface with the magic seal drawn on it. His hands should be strained with special chains... Then the performer should pierce the heart of the possessed with the special hot stake... It pulls the demon out of the soul and makes it petrify, sleep, disappear... Poor Alfred was horrified to imagine that he would have to do with his own child...


Somehow, the demon, embodied in the ghost of a girl, has awakened... Oscar tried to warn me, to protect... But now it's too late. What does this thing want? Why is it trying to lure me to the cellar? Is it trying to use me as a new carrier after breaking the seal? I have to get out of the house. But how? I can't sleep, but it’s too unsafe to stay awake - I constantly fall into a trance and begin to move towards the cellar...

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