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Rats & Crows: everything you need to know

On the house plan, you can see crows (flying on top of the house) and rats (running on the ground). They can be caught for rewards.

Types of Crows & Rats:

There are 3 types of crows & rates and, respectively, 3 types of nets & traps to catch them. All of them are not available in the beginning. Each type will be unlocked for you as you progress through the game.

1. Normal net - black crow

2. Tough net - white crow

3. Ghostly net - ghost crow

1. Normal Trap - gray Rat

2. Reinforced Trap- albino rat

3. Ghostly Trap - ghost rat

Why Catch Crows & Rats:

Rats and crows can bring you points of freedom, items of collections and items for combining collections that include unique items that cannot be found anywhere else.


How to Catch Crows & Rats:

just click the mouse on the crow or rat, and there is a question whether you want to catch it. There you can also see if you have enough nets/traps to catch it and what rewards you will get for catching. If you dont have enough nets and traps, you can immediately buy more, or can wait till you get them while passing through the rooms.

The faction does not affect the chance of catching a rat or a crow.

The amount of nets and traps required to catch an animal depends on the level.

The higher the level, the more items it will require. 1 at the minimum and 5 at the maximum. The rarity of nets and traps also depends on the level. On lower levels they drop often, and on higher ones they are rare.

Where to Find Nets & Traps:

Nets and traps drops in the following rooms.

Normal Nets and traps - kitchen, living room, basement, hallway, Indian room

Tough nets and Reinforced traps - children's room, library, attic, film theatre, bedroom, winter garden, study, lair, Indian room (ghost/ trap modes)

Ghostly nets and traps - all the rooms with "ghosts."

Normal nets & tough nets fall in the "shadow" and "cache" modes

Normal traps & reinforced traps fall in "Night" and "cache" modes

"Invisible Ink", "Against Time" and "Mirror Room" modes drop all kinds of nets and traps that are available in the room.


'And briefly about quests:'

"Nets" - find the net and trap on kitchen

"The Raven and the rat" - Crow's Feather - black crow, (1 times)

"Ten toys" - 10 passerine feathers - black crow

"Amulet own hands" - combine collection number 125,

"feathers" , "rat chow" - Oats - rat (with 2 times), Seeds - albino rats (1 times)

"Cheese toy rats" - Cheese - albino rats (3 times)

"Rat delicacy" - Shrimp - rat (4 times)

" Surprise from neighbors "- Quail egg - albino rats (5 times) ,

"a five-course Dinner" - combine collection number 126 "rat food"

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