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Sometimes I think this house is completely alien. And for good reason, because he has a considerable age. Right here lived dozens of different people, they all had their own secrets and mysteries. Can you solve them all? I always find something new in the mansion. For example, in the library I came across some old plan of the house, and on it - a strange room, by its location I guess it's a cellar. I will try to find it.


I found the room. It's beautiful. It reminds me of mysterious dungeon - shelter of a magician or an alchemist. What was it used for? For the secret rituals? As a prison or a torture chamber? Maybe someday I'll find out. In the meantime, I have my own plans regarding it.


Got the cellar in order. And under the order, I mean the installation of cameras and microphones. Didn't set the traps, because I plan to use this dungeon not for the challenges. It will be a kind of solitary confinement. The punishes in there will be getting the most stubborn puppets, if they do not aspire to freedom.


Carefully studied the cellar plan. It has a secret way out. But it's carefully disguised, so it is unlikely that someone will be able to find it, if they won't be knowing about it.


The house is full of guests, but no one got into the isolation ward yet. For now the room is empty, but I look forward to when the first tenant gets into it. Will he be able to evaluate its romantic atmosphere? To approach to his confinement philosophically? And most importantly, imagine that it has a way out of this house?


I thought that all entrances and exits are monitored carefully by me. But the security had a breach of which I had no idea. Learnt about it thanks to the suddenly appeared out of nowhere a stranger. He was able to get into the mansion, one of the windows weren't boarded up enough. This oversight has now been fixed, and now no one can get into this house without an invitation.


Pretty fun to watch the "unscheduled" puppet. He does not understand what is going on, and horrified by the actions of others. This man does not look like a freedom fighter. Let's see if he can survive here?


This man has real talent of making his way to places to which it's seemingly impossible to get there. He accidentally discovered the cellar. I managed to close him in there. This wretched man interrupted my plans. Well, okay, it's even more interesting this way. His every movement - is nervous, twitching and trembling. As if he is sick or insane. All the time he is spinning the watch in his hands and writes something in a notebook.


Was spectating a funny scene today. One of the puppets - journalist of lousy criminal rag - also found the cellar. It was not an accident - he knew that such a room in the house exists. How did he learn about its existence? Maybe he found the plan in the library just like I did? But does he know that there is a way out? When he was able to find the entrance to the cellar, a madman, who was inside, rushed out and locked the journalists in the room. Curiosity is punishable.


Prisoner touches every corner of the cellar. Surely he suspects that it has access to the outdoors. But he does not know where it is exactly. I contacted him through the camera and said that his imprisonment - is a punishment for too long nose. However, the puppet was not afraid, but on the contrary, it's even cheered him up. He thinks he will find a way out and run away from me. What unjustified self-confidence.


Madman, accidentally drooping into the house, constantly hiding from the other puppets. He is trembling with fear as the little hare - hiding in the dark corners, so that nobody could find him. This coward begins to irritate me.


Journalist is not sitting in one place even for a minute. He's like a squirrel in a wheel, constantly in search for an exit. I even want to praise him for such a strong desire for freedom!


Poor fellow for a few hours tried to clear the blockage in the corner of the cellar. And found some kind of bag. Probably, these are things of that crazy man. In the bag there are: a notebook and suspicious bottle. In place of a prisoner, I would not open it. Something tells me that it is unsafe.


Curiosity of this puppet knows no limits. Nevertheless, he opened the jar. It had some liquid with unknown content. Prisoner poured it into the creek and lost all interest in a bottle.


It seems that the prisoner is ill. He looks very bad, as if he has a fever, and he is suffering from pain. Nevertheless, he continues to search for a way out!


I suspect that the jar had something. Poison, disputes of some illness or something else. Journalist looks worse and worse. He almost can't stand on his feet, he is shaking, and it seems that he's even lost his sight. But the exit from the house is right next to him. It is a pity, if he dies, without finding it. But such tenacity is to be envied, because he is not losing heart.


The poor man found a watch in the creek, which constantly twisted in his hands and looked at them that weird stranger. Mysterious discovery has caused a storm of emotions. Obviously, he knows what watch is this, and perhaps, he is familiar with that insane man. To what mystery this watch is the key?


He found a way out. He discovered it almost in an instant before death. He did not have the strength to take the final leap. And now I have a problem - to pull the body out of the room and get rid of it. But at least I'll find out what he died of, and what was in that jar.


The jar had a poison in it. Some tricky liquid that reacts with air and forms a toxic gas. Room with poisoned air ... That's not bad! If I find out the components of the poison, the cellar might become the most interesting room in the mansion. When I was pulling out the body - I dropped that same watch. In the last minutes of his life, journalist was writing something on their cover. When I returned, watch was no longer there. Someone took them. What he wrote there?


I read the diaries that the poisoned and poisoner were keeping. Funny story, full of fatal accidents. And now I have a recipe for this poison. I am able to make it as much as I want to keep the poisonous atmosphere in that room all the time. Cellar will become the room with the original challenges.


Crazy alchemist started to act weird lately. He seemed to be afraid of something, but, as I understand, not the other puppets. He flinches at every rustle, and no longer hides in the dark. He is afraid of it. He is lucky that the others do not particularly pay attention to him. Such stealthy and nondescript man. Perhaps, this may save his life.


Poisoner has gone crazy. Through the camera in the children's room, I saw him shaking in fit, tossing on the bed and screaming like crazy. And then he spent a few hours in a trance, staring at one point. Sometimes he walks in the corridor, as if watching someone else, but actually looks at nothing.


What is happening? This crazy man constantly hanging out near the cellar. Peeks in, but fears to go inside. Thinks, that I'm going to trap him in there once again.


It's unbearable. This is incredibly disgusting. Yes, the puppets are killing each other, passing my challenges, by losing blood. But what this crazy man did is beyond all measures. I cannot banish from my mind the memory of that abomination, which he did in the basement. Before my eyes still stands this nightmare: the spilling blood, squeak, stained in something hands and teeth. I can't. I must get rid of him somehow.


He is looking for something. Revises the library archives, books, some scribbled notebooks, letters, written not clear in what language. What is he doing?


I feel pity and disgust. I do not know what to do with him. Maybe, I can neutralize him with ether and take him out of the house? He does not attack the other puppets, but his behavior is appalling. Others, even brutal killers, are scared of him and don't touch him. But he is not noticing anyone, and looks as though in a very different reality.


Were there killer-cannibals amongst my puppets? These really crazy monsters? Who did this to him? I cannot imagine that any of them are capable of doing such a terrible, senseless murder. I took out the body, although it was not easy to pull it out from the floor. Still have to wash the blood off the floor, but I can't bring myself to go back there.


I will never forget this. At first I could not understand from what room are these screams heard. Then I finally looked at the monitor of the cellar camera and saw him...Hands and feet chained to the floor, the chemist is torn in agony, and the invisible hands pierce his chest with a stake...No, it was just a vision, the murderer has pierced him with this stake and disappeared. When I got to the cellar, the chemist has already died. What was it? Blood all around, pure terror in the victim’s eyes and on the tortured face of the unfortunate poisoner. I can't find the diary of this madman, and it probably contains an answer to what had happened to him. It’s good that I found him before someone else did.

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