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How to Move Quickly to a Specific Mode Required by a Quest:

‘When I have a quest that requires the room to be in a certain mode, it takes forever to get that mode, I use one of my trap mode activators to get it, for instance if the quest asks for the room to be in words mode, I use one of the activators that I have the most, usually broken timer, it takes me to against time mode, then I use my good timer to take me to words mode, works perfectly.’

(by Cremilda Motta)

For more info about Trap Modes, have a look at document “Trap Modes” in the file “Beginners”. We can store only 30 of each activator and deactivator in our inventory, so it seems like a good time to use them.

Also when you open the room required to pass for a quest, the required mode will be glowing. when you hover your mouse over the glowing mode it will tell you for which quest you need to pass through that particular mode. e.g. in following image its telling me to activate words mode in basement for quest ‘indisputable argument’.

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