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Quests From New Characters Nat Thompson & Lance Donovan:

Memory Lapse - Living Room. by Note

Season-1, Collection # 35 “Born With Soldering Tools” by Nat Thompson

1.Nat Thompson - Soldering Iron/ Kitchen

2.New Friends - Long Cord/ Living Room

3.AA Batteries - Batteries/ Hallway

4.Great Thief - Solder/ Living Room/ Shadows

5.Radiotronics for Dummies - Radiotronics for Dummies/ Living Room

6.Botcher - Put together collection “Born with Soldering Tools”

Season-1, Collection # 36 “Occurrence of No Importance” by Lance Donovan

1.The most important book - Desmurgy Textbook/ Basement

2.Shakespeare - Shakespeare/ Hallway

3.Blind As Bat - Lance Grasses/ Living Room

4.Catalogue - Tetris/ Kitchen. by Jim

5.Competition - Living Room

6.Record Table - Diploma/ Living Room. by Jenny

7.Tetris Tournament - combine collection ‘occurrence of no imp’. by Nat

Season-1, Collection # 37 “Empty Table”

1.Last Cookie - Bowl with cookies/ Kitchen. by Nat

2.Bag of Candies - Bag of Candies/ Living Room. by Jenny

3.Hunting Sweets - Bar of Chocolate/ Hallway. by Jenny

4.Pillaged Supply - Tin with Condensed Milk/ Basement. by Jenny

5.Last Icecream - Icecream Cup/ Kitchen. by Jenny

6.Pantry Raider - Put together collection “Empty Table". by Lance

7.About Lancelot - Living Room. by Jim

Season-1, Collection # 38 “Smoke Screen” by Nat

1.Mysterious Chemistry - Old Newspapers/ Basement

2.Garden Fertilizer - Soil Bag/ Hallway

3.A Couple of Spoons - Sugar/ Kitchen

4.A Squirter and a Can - Sprayer/ Children Room, Aluminium Can/ Living Room

5.Land Pot - put together collection ‘smoke screen’

6.Fire - Interact with Kite in the backyard once

Season-1, Collection # 39 “Epidemic Cold” by Jack & Jim

1.Problem With The Heat - Duvet/ Hallway

2.Did You Call For a Doctor - Basement

3.First Aid - Digital Thermometer/ Kitchen

4.Don’t Catch Cold - Febrifuge/ Basement

5.Nurse Girls and Boys - Nose Drop/ Hallway, Linctus/ Living Room

6.Medicine Classification - put together collection ‘epidemic cold’

7.Night Watch - Living Room- night mode

1. Watch out! - Library, from 1st time

2. Ice for Lance - The kitchen, from 5th time

3. Splint - Basement, from 6th time

4. Looking for Nat. Again. - The Hallway, from 1st time

5. Bandaging kit - Living room, from 9th time

6. Medical examination - Library, 1st time

7. Painkillers - Living Room, 12th time

8. Plaster - Basement, 16th time

9. Plaster solint - Compile First Aid

10. Why take such a risk? - The Hallway, 1st time

11. A bit awkward - Children's room, 1st time

Two quests added in October 2015:

1. A bit awkward - childrens room - 1st time

2. Lancelot and Guinevere - Hallway - 1st time

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