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Are you ready to one of the most exciting adventures in the mansion? Find out what's Hugo Fall's greatest secret! Be ready to meet the Indian goddess!

Kali is immortal but you have chance to defeat her avatar, if you collect special items in the rooms of the mansion. They will help you to win the fight with the goddess and save your life.

Good luck with the challenge!

Available since level 25


How to defeat Kali

When you finish the "Victory over evil" quest, there will appear a portal on the house plan.

You click on it and select «Start the challenge» option or join some of your friends in their fight (press the «Support» button) To meet the goddess you will need optickons, that you can buy in the store or get from your friends as a gift. During the challenge you should use special items, that will decrease Kali's power:

Stone salt
Indian amulet
Seal of shikigami
Totem beasts
Lightwave diffuser
- Stone salt - lasts 1,5 hours and gives you 40 points.
- Indian amulet- lasts 3 hour and gives you 100 points.
- Seal of shikigami -  gives you 150 points.
- Totem beasts - 250 points.
- Lightwave diffuser - 1000 points.

The challenge lasts 3 days. Please note that if you are not able to reset the scale of Kali's power, you will only get a consolation prise. Work hard to earn better reward!

You can obtain salt, indian amulets and seals of Shikigami from mangooses on the house plan. Totem beasts and lightwave diffuser can be bought in the shop. There are different rewards for defeating Kali. For example among them there are Indian coins needed to enter the Indian room.

Consolation prize for non-completed challenge: 1 optickon and 1 Indian coin

Less than 1000 points - Reward pouch (contains an iron horseshoe, apple and 3 Indian coins)

1000 points - Malachite casket (contains a golden coin, triple laser, 2 apples, a chronometer and 10 Indian coins)

2400 points - Amethyst casket (contains Bronze casket, 3 detonators, a healthy meal and 20 Indian coins)

3900 points - Jaspidean casket (contains a Cat amulet, electromagnet, Hearty supper, 10 codes, a Night crawler's set and 30 Indian coins)

5400 points - Bronze chest (contains an ancient powers kit, 3 large elixirs, a dreamcatcher, Champion's set and 30 Indian coins)

6900 points - Silver chest (contains a Horseshoe ring, "Investigation holidays" set, Large first aid kit, a hearty supper and 50 Indian coins)

8200 points - Golden chest (contains an energy drink, English set, Bird amulet, 2 ghostly traps, an electromagnet, 3 light bombs and 70 Indian coins)

You can also find pages of Hugo Fall's diary in the Indian room

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