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Want to Get More Gifts Daily? Diversify Your Wish List:

hey guys, heres a little tip if you want to receive more gifts 'DIVERSIFY' your WISHLIST. there are SIX SLOTS available on wishlist. heres what i suggest.

put at least one FREE GIFT that any level player can send (as some free items can only be gifted by high level players) - 'Sweet Flower' is a reasonable option for this. each gives you 3 energy.

put at least 2-3 specific 'PUZZLE PIECES' you need (could be more) as everyone can gift 20 extra (having more than 1) puzzle pieces FREE apart from the regular free gifts. Please note that instead of putting the buy-for-gold random puzzle pieces, you need to put specific puzzle pieces because they can be sent free.

fill the remaining slots with whatever you want. you can put other free gifts, collection items, interacting items, collection combining items etc.

keep in mind you have almost no chance to get items that need gold coins to purchase. very little chance to get items that need more than 1000 copper coins to purchase. and little but still there is chance to get rare collection items. However, no harm in trying, may be you got lucky ;)

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