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Keep in mind that characters' descriptions are not spoiler-free.

On the scheme below you can see all the characters of the three seasons of the game and the relationships between them

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The Puppeteer


Mysterious voice from the speakers, man who abducted all the inhabitants and brought them here. Will you be able ever to solve his mystery?

Jane “Jenny” Wallis


Kitchen fairy. When you first meet her. the girl suffers from amnesia, but this doesn’t prevent her from saving all the inhabitants from starving to death.

Jim Firewood


Can be found in the living room. Doctor. Surgeon with a God-given talent and good chemist. He’s fond of psychology and wants to understand Puppeteer’s motives and unravel the mystery of the house. Jack’s older brother.

Jack Firewood


Lives in the Basement. Geek, physicist, studied in Sorbonne. Versed in electronics, can build the camera blinding device literally from garbage. Not so good at chemistry. Jim’s younger brother.

Nat Thompson


Tightly built girl with short dark hair. Figuratively speaking she is “Jack in skirt” only that no one has ever seen Nat wearing skirt. According to her words she was a grease-monkey outside the mansion.

Lance Donovan


Tall bow-backed guy crumpling in his hands too long sleeves of his sweater. He speak stuttering and tries to stay away from the noise and buzz of the mansion. Lately he’s been seen helping Jim, so maybe mansion’s doctor is finally thinking about the possible replacement in case something would go wrong.

Bill Gordon


Old investigator. Smokes and drinks a lot. His stash of spirit in the kitchen is nearly bottomless, at least since all the inhabitants use it for the challenges and it never ends. He likes to put on a brave face but all know that his health is not so good as it used to be. Vice-leader of the Underground and his caution and common sense compensates Jack’s hot temper.

Alice Green


Fanatical follower. Used to work at circus. Also former nurse. Loves the fire. Her road in and outside the house is marked with fire and deaths. Sometimes calls herself Elis.

Isami “Tan” Nakamura


Oriental girl living in the children’s room. Has Japanese and Chinese roots. Silent, extremely polite with a peculiar manner of speech. Tells self-invented parables and makes wonderful tea and reads books of philosophy. Well-versed in mysticism of all sorts. Nickname – Tigress. One of three survivors of the First act.

Ryan Force


Irish man living in the attic. The brilliant inventor, but it’s beneath his dignity to get the necessary part for his mechanisms himself so he charges it to every Tom, Dick and Harry. May be really rude sometimes, he talks normally only to Isami. Nickname – Dragon. One of the three survivors of the First Act Ryan's story according to his own words. When he was 17, he made shocker, and went a bit over the top with the power. So when he was offered a dark alley "trick or treat", it all ended up with five dead bodies and one survivor. Both were put into prison, one for attempted robbery, another for exceeding the self-defense and "causing unintentional death of three or more people." Ironically, Matt and Ryan were cellmates, and spent three years on adjoining beds. Then Matt was released, and Ryan stayed for a few more years. His term of imprisonment was long, but he got a remission for good conduct.

Matt Stubley


Can be found in the Winter garden during the second season. Short thin dark-haired man with a scar on the cheek. Ex-colleague of Alice and cellmate of Ryan. One of the three survivors of the First act. Others call him – Monkey, he calls himself – Trickster.

John Fall


Owner of the mansion and ex-Puppeteer. Brother of Sam and best friend of Jenny. Was accused in murder of his entire family and spent many years in prison. After he released he had revenge upon those who put him in jail and turned his house into the testing site for his weird ideas of people fighting for their freedom. Unexpectedly for him his former Followers – Matt and Alice lured him out of his headquarters and took his place so now former Puppeteer has to find his way to the freedom among other inhabitants of the mansion.


Druid Arlene


"Arlene" means a bail, and he was born as a Roman, but he chose to be with the barbarians, to learn from them and to live like them. His name meant "hope for peace"... But his former compatriots still attacked the barbarians. The druid was old, but he stood next to his king on the battlefield. The king's name was Brian, he was killed in that battle, and the retreating troops claimed his body with them. Arlene advised to bury the king in the hills of the fairies, and the old man remained with him. The Roman army marched upon the hill without paying attention to the entrance and ground vaults collapsed, burying the druid. Strange ... Arlene did not break any geis, he remained on the surface of Sid because someone was trying to keep the soul of the deceased king back...

Maiden Alastriona


Cold and majestic Alastriona left her imprint on many souls, trees and herbs gave her the ancient wisdom of the Earth, noble men bend before her. Many years ago she put a curse on king Briann and all his kindred but this curse affected her and her kids too and binded her to the place, where the mansion is standing now, forever.

Warrior Willem


Willem, son of Brian. He was the son of the king, who was killed in a battle with the Romans, and was buried in the crypt. The Warrior cursed his gods, desecrated the sacred place with spilled blood, and that's why he came here after his death.

Filida Eslynn


Her name was Eslynn. She fell asleep at the roots of the tree in order to go to the Sid's heart. She broke her harp either in reality, or not, her words are hard to understand. However she didn't find the one she was looking for in Tir-na-Nog, and she wanted to go back ... But she couldn't.

Leonard Llywelin


The young heir to an impoverished family. His parents died, leaving only debts behind. They were neither gamblers nor spenders. Such was the time - many aristocrats came to ruin as they were unwilling to part with their estate which required great expenses... He got a job from Madame Lynette and became her secretary. Spending all time in the house he fell in love with Madame’s stepdaughter Marie. But later he was accused that he ruined the girl and tried to kill her stepmother and was put in prison. Leonard run away from prison, returned to the house and accidentally set it on fire killing his beloved with her stepmother and husband. He died in the same fire.

Madame Lynette


Second wife of the late Marie’s father Samuel O’Leary. After her husband died she raised his daughter. Her house was always full of guests who danced played cards and had a good time. Tried to accuse her secretary Leonard in molesting her stepdaughter Marie and died in a fire set by him when he escaped from the prison.

Caleb Allford


Not very noble son of the noble family. Was a frequent guest in the mansion and one day loose a great sum of money on the game of card here. Furious with the loss he tried to molest Marie O’Leary. Madame Lynette offered him to marry the girl to cover his misbehavior as well as his debt. Was killed by Leonard.

Marie O’Leary


Stepdaughter of Madame Lynette, Marie always felt herself imprisoned in the mansion. She fell in love with her stepmother’s secretary Leonard, but after the event with Caleb and Leonard’s being accused and thrown to jail, she accepted Caleb’s proposal and became his wife forgetting the man she loved. Died in the fire set by Leonard.

Sam Fall


John’s younger brother Died at the age of 11, at the same night someone shot William and Kate Fall, and became a ghost in the mansion. Sam looks like he doesn’t remember that he’s dead. He’s well versed in various mystic happening in the house, though due to his young age he can’t explain everything what happens here.

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