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Here are two tables with all in game collections and rewards for them. Here are some marginal notes to make the columns more clear.

1st column Season and collection. Number before the point is the season number (“E” in the second table means Event) and after point goes the collection number.

Then there are two next columns – Name of the collection and the list of rewards you will get for putting it together.

4th column contains the name of the quest (if any) from which you start putting the collection together. (In the event table 4th column contains the name of event, during which you can obtain collection items and put together the collection.)

And the last column is the name of questgiver, who starts the quest chain for this collection.

Season and collection Collection Name Reward Starting Quest Questgiver
1.1 Figurines laser and 300 tokens Lost Figurine Jenny
1.2 Vases 500 tokens and 2 flashlights Insolent Rat Jenny
1.3 Young chemist set 2000 tokens The Underground. Cotton Wool Gunpowder Jack
1.4 Smoking set sunglasses and watch The Underground. Secrets for the Pipe Jack
1.5 Old photos strong flashlight The Followers. Old Photograph Jim
1.6 Butterflies packet of juice and laser Finding Butterflies Jenny
1.7 Timer apple Saving Time Jack
1.8 Old movies 3 watches Black Flower Jenny
1.9 Wooden toys healing balsam and 1500 tokens Plane Jenny
1.10 Fairy tales chronometer and 2000 tokens First Book Jenny
1.11 Railroad 2000 tokens and electromagnet Railroad Jenny
1.12 Coins copper coin and salad Entertaining Numismatics Jim
1.13 Tea ceremony 2500 tokens and a cup of tea Rats Too Love Tea Tan
1.14 Wisdom of the East 3000 tokens and 2 cups of tea Confucius Tan
1.15 Spirit masks 4000 tokens and 3 cups of tea Wooden Mask Tan
1.16 Puzzles packet of juice and 2 glasses Herbs for Puzzles Jenny
1.17 Chip iron horseshoe and small first aid kit Transistor Jack
1.18 Stamps salad and 2 lasers Inverted Jenny Jenny
1.19 Teddy bears Children's mosaic and a salad
1.20 Scheme fragments (Underground only) 4 lasers, iron horseshoe and a medium first aid kit (only for members of the Underground) "Scrap of Paper" from the Cache The Puppeteer
1.21 Puppets (Followers only) 5000 tokens, goose quill and a healthy meal (only for the followers) Fourth key The Puppeteer
1.22 Esoteric set 3 watches and 4 cups of tea European Magic Tan
1.23 Device (Undergrund only) goose quill, 2 healthy meals and 7000 tokens (only for members of the Underground) Bomb Jack
1.24 Story (Followers only) goose quill, 2 medium first aid kits and 7000 tokens (only for the followers) Family history Jack
1.25 Tracking system 7 lasers and glasses Talents for a Good Cause Ryan
1.26 Film projector construction set and 400 points of freedom Bulb Jenny
1.27 Puzzle box wooden box
1.28 Essentials working kit and do it yourself kit Letter from a Stranger Note
1.29 Feathers Random decor (increases the number of freedom points for completing the rooms) A raven and a rat The Puppeteer
1.30 Rat food small first aid kit Rat food Jenny
1.31 Bag of nuts Random decor (increases the chance of finding items or puzzles)
1.32 Shiny jewelry Random decor (increases the number of items or puzzles)
1.33 Poster 5 codes
1.34 Amateur photographer 5 codes
1.35 Born with a soldering tool 3 cutting pliers AA batteries Nat
1.36 Occurrence of no importance net and trap The most important book Lance
1.37 Empty table bracelet and flashlight Bowl with cookies Nat
1.38 Smokescreen electric kit Mysterious chemistry Nat
1.39 Epidemic cold Fishing line and Flute Problem with the heat Jack
1.40 Gentleman's set chronometer Half the battle Jim
1.41 Winged Nike Little bird in a cage
1.42 First Aid Laser and 1000 tokens Ice for Lance Nat
2.1 Mistletoe broth ghostly apple and 200 points of freedom Golden sickle Druid
2.2 Dead water ghostly clover and 300 points of freedom Non-existence Virgo
2.3 Celtic harp ghostly clover and 400 points of freedom Filida's Memory Filida
2.4 Battle attire ghostly feather and 500 points of freedom Chain Armour of Shadows Warrior
2.5 Celtic gods ghostly feather, 2 ghostly apples and 900 points of freedom Lonely souls Alastriona
2.6 Celtic goddesses ghostly clover, 3 ghostly apples and 800 points of freedom Lonely souls Alastriona
2.7 Surgical instruments small first aid kit and 2000 tokens Counting the Locks The Puppeteer
2.8 Circle of elements 3 cups of tea and ghostly clover To show the world Isami
2.9 Ryan's apparatus light bomb, watch and 2 lasers Search in the basement Ryan
2.10 Data electromagnet The hunt Jenny
2.11 Amulets ghostly apple and 400 points of freedom Red dragon Willem
2.12 Sources of inspiration ghostly clover and 500 points of freedom Heather Field Eslynn
2.13 Hygiene kit 350 points of freedom
2.14 Needlework apple and needlework kit
2.15 Ciphers 2 flashlights, watch and laser Tape in the kitchen Bill
2.16 Dolls of the Nations of the World 2 bracelets, glasses and laser Family Alice
2.17 Gift to gods ghostly clover and ghostly feather
2.18 Chinese sages cup of tea and 2000 tokens Lost fairy tale Isami
2.19 School things glasses and laser Old Notebooks Jenny
2.20 Vietnamese trap bracelet, flashlight and 400 points of freedom Little help Ryan
2.21 Royal flush ghostly clover and ghostly apple Beacon from the Other Side Fog
2.22 Escape plans 800 points of freedom
2.23 Photos of suspects flashlight and 4000 tokens Looking for the clues Bill
2.24 Crime scene photos strong flashlight and goose quill Crime scene Bill
2.25 Crossbow detonator Horse drench Ryan
2.26 Circus 800 points of freedom
2.27 Fire show 2 lasers and 4000 tokens Understand yourself Alice
2.28 Smokescreen 3 mixtures Gunpowder to a recipe Ryan
2.29 Life of the Maiden ghostly feather and ghostly apple Traces near the well Isami
2.30 Yard games light bomb and iron horseshoe Children's Football Jenny
2.31 Writing set 2 ghostly feathers, ghostly clover and 500 points of freedom Right Wing Quill Leonard
2.32 Hidden knowledge 3 cups of tea and a goose quill Maiden's book Isami
2.33 Current detector 2 strong flashlights Separate way Jack
2.34 Jim's first aid kit small first aid kit Empty first aid kit Jim
2.35 Paper flowers 3 ghostly clovers and 1000 points of freedom Flower from Childhood Leonard
2.36 Lesson in freedom 2 goose quills Shackles Alice
2.37 First love fern and golden box Friend from School Jenny
2.38 Life of Jenny Wallis 5000 points of freedom, medium elixir and healthy meal Friend from School Jenny
2.39 Stun gun repair kit and electric kit Transformer Ryan
2.40 Criminal cases Pheasant feather
2.41 Alice's memory wooden box
2.42 19th century dress 2 ghostly clovers, ghostly feather and 1500 points of freedom Routine Leonard
2.43 Kerosene lamp 2 ghostly clovers, ghostly feather and 1500 points of freedom Under detention Leonard
2.44 19th century 3 ghostly feathers and 2000 points of freedom Fire Leonard
2.45 Thermal Vacuum System Fern garland, 2 healthy meals and 3000 points of freedom (only for members of the Underground) Vacuum in a jar Ryan
2.46 The murderer's mystery Fern garland, 2 medium first aid kits and 3000 points of freedom (only for members of the Underground) Sorting paperwork Jim
3.1 Device for cameras 3 lasers and 2000 points of freedom To hide Ryan
3.2 Reserve stock 10 cookies and 2500 tokens Mush under stairs
3.3 Ghostly railroad ghoslty clover and small elixir A path into the past Fog
3.4 Lock pick magnetic token and 3000 points of freedom Drawing lessons Jack
3.5 Plasma cutter golden horseshoe and 2000 points of freedom Plumbing disfunction Ryan
3.6 One of many gold coin and iron bell Bargain is not appropriate Jim
3.7 Hints 2 ghostly feathers and 2 ghostly clovers Search for the solution Isami
3.8 Toy theatre 3000 points of freedom Theater season Fog
3.9 Choco brownie 3 cups of tea Bag of flour Jane
3.10 Corrected mistakes large elixir Drive away the mist Marie
3.11 Сontrol unit electromagnet Slide mechanism Ryan
3.12 Family protection Ghostly clover Mother’s help Isami
3.13 Microphone detonator Magnet Jack
3.14 Merry Christmas 2 ghostly feathers and ghostly clover Plum pudding Marie
3.15 Insomnia set of tough nets and 2000 freedom points Sonic barrier Jenny
3.16 Killer's favour large elixir and wooden box Protection form Elis Jenny
3.17 Medicine mirror glasses
3.18 Rioter ghoslty clover and small elixir One ball after another Marie
3.19 Jenny's curse special inkwell and 2500 points of freedom Guard Fog
3.20 First act broken timer and 5000 points of freedom Trophy of darkness
3.21 Battle lost distorting mirror and 2500 points of freedom
3.22 Fire pheasant feather and 5000 points of freedom
3.23 Russian roulette Fern garland
3.24 Poor excuse special inkwell, mirror glasses and 4000 points of freedom Visual aids The Puppeteer
3.25 Trap for the Monkey feather neclace and chromometer Thousand reflections Jack
3.26 Alarm buttons horseshoe ring and chronometer List of the parts Ryan
3.27 Blackmail Golden horseshoe and 5000 points of freedom Fragments of the past Bill
3.28 Solitaire Fern and 5000 points of freedom Emperor in the house Tan
3.29 Victorian papers Ghostly clover, ghostly feather and 2500 points of freedom Love courtesy Marie
3.30 Alice's curse 5 Items «Damned freedom» Broken bracelet Ryan
3.31 Wedding dress fern and 2000 copper tokens Awkward situation Marie

Events and VIP

Collection № Collection name Reward Event
E.1 Labor day 10 workers Labor day
E.2 Space wanderer 10 lenses and 3000 freedom points Observatory
E.3 Professional tools 10 workers Labor day
E.4 April 1st 20 pieces of salty cake and 1000 tokens April 1st
E.5 Irish music 2 flashlights and 1 watch Beltane
E.6 Festive garland 15 sweet flowers and 1000 tokens Beltane
E.7 Bouquet of herbs 2 cups of tea Beltane
E.8 Beltane Fire apple and 2 flashlights Beltane
E.9 Beltane 4 apples Beltane
E.10 The Royal Navy chronometer Victory Day
E.11 Military awards Pheasant feather Victory Day
E.12 Clock collection 2 chronometers Clock Festival
E.13 Harvest festival 10 buns and 1000 tokens Harvest festival
E.14 Halloween 10 pumpkin pies and strong flashlight Halloween
E.15 Christmas decorations 5 Christmas balls Christmas
E.16 Warm clothes 2 mixtures and 5 Christmas decorations Christmas
E.17 Apple cider apple, laser and 5 Christmas tree cones Christmas
E.18 Vegetable salad 2 salads (requires Friendly Care premium) VIP Friendly Care
E.19 Imbolc 10 pieces of apple pie and 5 daffodils Imbolc
E.20 Ostara medium elixir and and copper box Imbolc
E.21 Nettle soup nettle soup Beltane
E.22 May bush Children's mosaic and detonator Beltane
E.23 May doll 2 small elixirs Beltane
E.24 May Throme Golden horseshoe and 500 freedom points Beltane
E.25 Queen's procession Golden bell and Feather Necklace Beltane
E.25 Military aviation electromagnet Victory Day
E.26 World War II awards 2 bracelets and a flashlight Victory Day
E.27 Flying lantern 10 logs Rats and ravens
E.28 Automaton-Puppeteer 10 logs Rats and ravens
E.29 Kitchen renovation detonator and painted jewelry box Household routines
E.30 Large wash feather necklace and painted jewelry box Household routines
E.31 Hearty breakfast 2 packets of juice and painted jewelry box Household routines
E.32 Ironing fern and painted jewelry box Household routines
E.33 Gingerbread men 15 gingerbread men and painted jewelry box Gingerbread men
E.34 Children's toys Wind chimes
E.35 Journey around the world Bonsai Columbus Day
E.36 Cosy collection Golden horseshoe
E.37 Chinese collection 200 points of freedom
E.38 Oriental collection Golden bell
E.39 Ethnic collection Feather Necklace
E.40 Antique collection Construction set
E.41 British collection 3 apples
E.42 Surprises chronometer and 2000 points of freedom Halloween
E.43 Divination bread salad and 2 lasers Halloween
E.44 Sleepy tea Golden bell Halloween
E.45 Christmas mood 10 Christmas tree cones Christmas
E.46 Cryptex cryptex and special inkwell Cryptexes
E.47 Spring meal 5 daffodils Spring event
E.48 Brigid's talismans 5 daffodils Spring event
E.49 Jim's instruments small first aid kit
E.50 Slideshow set of tough nets and 3000 points of freedom
E.51 Icecream ancient powers kit and 4000 points of freedom
E.52 China set 2 sets of nets and traps and 3000 points of freedom
E.53 Training 2 developers, 2 good timers and 6000 points of freedom
E.54 Home atmosphere set of new powers and 7000 points of freedom
E.55 Midsummer night's dream 10 "Elena and Demetrius" dolls Summer Solstice
E.56 Potion for intellect 10 "Elena and Demetrius" dolls Summer Solstice
E.57 Ceridwen and Gwion 10 "Elena and Demetrius" dolls Summer Solstice
E.58 Picnic 10 flickers Starlit summer
E.59 Magpie bridge 10 flickers Starlit summer
E.60 National game 10 stars Independence Day
E.61 National symbol 10 stars Independence Day
E.61 Spirit of the grain 10 maiden's brooches Harvest festival
E.62 First earlies 10 maiden's brooches Harvest festival
E.63 National costume 10 kegs Oktoberfest
E.64 Festival 10 kegs Oktoberfest
E.65 Marine navigation 10 map pieces Columbus Day
E.66 Sweet horror 10 dreadful lollipops Halloween
E.67 Masquerade 10 dreadful lollipops Halloween
E.68 Congratulations from Krampus 3 Christmas pies Christmas
E.69 Sounds of music 10 harps St. Patrick's Day
E.70 Leprechaun costume 10 harps St. Patrick's Day
E.71 Space-marine groundhogs 10 jokes April 1st
E.72 Funny souvenirs 10 jokes April 1st
E.73 Rajah's armoury medium first aid kit and 5 ratchets Indian Room
E.74 Spices wreath of fern and 5 ratchets Indian Room
E.75 Indian cookies salad and 5 ratchets Indian Room
E.76 Telescope Large first-aid kit Observatory
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