Panic Room

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Platform: PC, iOS
Game type: Browser
Genre: Puzzle | Hidden Object
Developer: Nikita Online
Publisher: Nikita Online
Release date: 2012


Operating system: Windows, MacOS
Processor: 1.6GHz
RAM: 1Gb
Browser: any browser supporting Adobe Flash Player 10.2+
Misc.: 128 Kb/s Internet connection


«Panic Room» is a detective game in the hidden object genre. You wake up in an unfamiliar place only to realize you have been abducted by dangerous maniac and need to escape the Victorian mansion that became your prison. Explore the rooms, meet other denizens of the mysterious house and learn their stories. Solve the mystery and uncover the face of your mysterious host. What price will you pay to escape the cage?


  • Non-linear plot: you’ll have to choose between two factions. Depending on your convictions you may decide to join the Followers or side with the Underground.
  • Evolving gameplay: each room can be completed in several different modes. As you advance, new gameplay modes become available and new traps start hindering your efforts.
  • There’s more to Panic Room than just exploring the mansion. You’ll need to complete puzzles, interact with otherworldly entities, collect things and avoid pitfalls.
  • Your very life is at stake. The cost of entering new locations is measured in blood!
  • Thirty characters, thirty two locations, five seasons and plenty of dialogues are waiting for you.