We’re giving away crazy gifts for May, 1!

Hey there, gamer!

The others may have their barbecues, fishing trips or parades, but we invite you to spend the holidays enjoying yourself in your favorite game!

We have prepared a special gift for you. Claim it right away, set forth and conquer our virtual worlds!
Don’t miss the holiday sale in all of our titles! Everything you ever wanted but were afraid to try is waiting for you in our game store for a very agreeable price – enjoy the crazy discounts on May 1 and 2 only! And don’t forget about the increased rates over the course of the entire May vacation!

A new event, «Siege of the Citadel», is already underway:
• Assemble your guild to storm the Citadel on Saturdays!
• Prove yourself during the siege to finish as one of the top three players and receive excellent rewards!
• Take Luciad medals from monsters and exchange them for items that will increase your character’s stats!

Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator
A new awesome event, «Ancient history», has begun:
• Fight monsters and collect ancient coins!
• Acquire special scrolls, new titles or unique ancient rings with unusual properties!

• Play often to take advantage of advanced rates both during the weekends and regular weekdays!
• Follow the news so you won’t miss the GM-organized event!
• Participate in the Vkontakte group contest to win special prizes!

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Let’s fish!
Don’t miss these events:
• Shark catcher
• Fishing lesson
• And an additional bonus on May 2 and 5, +50% banknotes twice per day for an hour

Fly For Fun
A boss party is waiting — the precious boxes must become yours!

War of tanks
The events just won’t stop coming:
• Consumerism
• Make a wish
• Refill your bonus
And others!

Happy May holidays!