Unique spring «GameXP Member» card

Dear friends!

The long-awaited spring has more to offer than just spectacular views from your window. We have prepared a new offer that should spark your interest!

Would you like to join the gamer elite and receive generous bonuses and discounts?
Don’t miss this unique chance to join GameXP Club much quicker than usual thanks to this limited offer!

All players* who have not yet joined GameXP Club will be given a unique spring "GameXP Member" card that provides a 5% discount when purchasing GXP! Enjoy the exclusive privileges offered to the club members!

Additionally, the GameXP Member card gives the following benefits:
5% discount in GameXP Bank and the opportunity to increase it up to 10%, 15% or even 20%
This discount will help you receive even more GXP and pay less!

High priority technical support!
Our best technical support specialists will help you solve your problem quickly and effectively!

Special promotions and offers!
You will be able to take advantage of unique special offers!

Early access to our new projects!
We often launch new and large scale projects, and you will be able to join other players during closed beta testing!

Your GameXP Member card will be valid from 07.05.2019 (00:00 GMT +3) through 21.05.2019 (23:59 GMT + 3), but you can make it permanent simply by spending up from 50 rubles before 22.05.2019!

Warning! The promotion does not include payments made via SMS.

Join GameXP Club and save money!

*The offer is valid only for accounts created before 06.05.2019 (14:00 GMT +3) and have no GameXP Club membership card associated with them