Sphere 3: This world needs a hero!

Hello, Sphereling!

The world of Sphere is growing bigger every day! Here is the list of changes that have happened to the game recently:

- Now players can increase the quality of their equipment. To do that, you will need special essences that can be obtained by disassembling your gear.

- Fight in the arena and join the events to obtain unique titles displayed above your character's head. Show everyone you're a real hero!

- Elite monsters appeared in the open world. This enemy is tougher but it drops tasty loot.

- Upgrade transfer becomes more profitable: now the upgraded item can accept more upgrade levels than before.

That is not to mention the numerous events that happen every week. This weekend you can join the "Power of the Forgotten" event and receive unique amulets granting you special buffs and a new title!

Hurry to the game – adventure awaits!