See how the Sphere has changed!

Hey there, player!

You’ve been away for a while and the Sphere has changed! Why don’t you come back and take a look at the new things it has to offer?

A new event has begun! During the "Summoners’ arena" you’ll have to defeat monsters and collect unique soul clots. These items will allow you to summon increasingly powerful opponents until you can challenge the final boss, a menacing Agwar’s Shade. Defeating it will award rare armor and weapons similar to the ones found in the game’s hardest dungeons! Collect all soul clots to obtain permanent summoning stones that will allow you to summon bosses even after the event is over.
Your premium account now grants even better privileges:
o Additional experience for killing monsters has been increased from 10% to 25%;
o Additional experience for crafting items has been increased from 10% to 25%;
o 3 additional tickets to the challenge arena (up from 1);
o Broken items degrade 10 times slower (up from 3 times).

Play now and see the new changes yourself!