Prisoners of the mansion are waiting for their hero!

«Panic Room» is a mysterious and frightening hidden object game with a detective plot!

A secretive maniac who calls himself the Puppeteer has assembled a collection of the courageous and enduring «puppets» inside his mansion. The way to freedom is going to be both an endurance test and a real challenge!
How far are you prepared to go to escape the cage?
★ A mystical detective story drawing you in from the very first minutes of play
★ Realistic graphics and perfectly matched atmospheric music
★ Over 5000 plot, daily and event quests
★ Collections, puzzles and more – the whole range of hidden object game activities
★ The ability to invite friends, communicate, help each other and exchange gifts
★ Weekly updates and regular events with unique prizes
You’re one click away from the exciting adventure!

Available for IOS, Android and Facebook