Plan your holiday conquests

Hey there, victor!

We wish you a happy Great Victory Day and hope the sky on your side of the monitor forever remains clear and peaceful!

Celebrate it properly — pay homage to everyone who fought so that your wars would only take place in a make-believe world. We have prepared many special events for you!

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Let’s go adventuring!


The new event will allow you to honor the warriors who died during the countless battles of the past. Take part in the exciting adventures and receive special gifts that include uniquely colored mounts and special festive helmets!


Victory event has begun! Hunt monsters like you usually do, collect letters and Victory Day armor, combine them to receive loot collecting pets, unusual potions, motes and unique arena costumes!

The new event offers you «victory stars» that need to be taken away from monsters! They can be used to make a Victory box that may contain the best goods from GXP-store, including victor’s tiger, good fortune flower, supreme stone of wisdom, VIP status and much more.


Thematic event «Carnelian front» involves collecting festive carnations in Technopolis! You may exchange a bouquet of 9 flowers for festive boxes or medals that will allow you to open them. Any box may contain a first aid kit, some prestige, a nickname prefix, a motor mechanic’s kit and other useful items.