Looks like there’s a gift waiting for you!

Dear players!
We know how important the world of Azmara is for you and realize how upset you were when you couldn’t play.
We’d like to thank you for your patience and support by giving you a special GIFT!
Check your mail now to find:
- platinum concentration potion
- platinum experience potion
- protective capsule
- platinum guardian angel and a Fletta booster
- lucky earrings
The game is running like clockwork now!
These gifts will help you level up your character swiftly and efficiently! We’d like to remind you there’s a Blessed event taking place in Karos right now. Better yet, we are about to announce a bunch of new rates!
If you still can’t run the game using the launcher, you may have to reinstall your client completely.
Check your mail and get back in the game!