Karos: You can’t keep avoiding me forever!

We looked for you in Berneo, visited the mines of Tempteron, crawled through the ruins of Posetunia – but you weren’t there.

A long journey through the well-known lands will tire anyone – but we’ve prepared something new for a seasoned traveler like you!

- New Brokion server: expect new battles with the world bosses, heated PVP skirmishes, playing with allies and adventuring shoulder to shoulder with new friends from tightly-knit guilds
- Server merge: the players from Eristum-Volancia and Almatras servers now can play together in a single world, making new friends and new enemies
- Gacha machine contents update: keys to Nava catacombs became more common. The luckiest players may now acquire a Silver Gift of Wisdom.

But that’s just the beginning. The events and promotions in the game never end! You may join the creative contest “Draw your favorite pet” and win 50 GXP right now!

We’re waiting for you in the world of Asmara!