Karos spring event!

Greetings, citizen of Azmara!

Do you miss new events? It’s been a while since you could kick some monster ass and receive great loot and additional bonuses.
We love the events as much as you do, so here’s another one to keep you entertained!

Visit Gate Bregall in Berneo, pick up some event quests and go take some tulips and dandelions from monsters! The rewards for participating in the event are so awesome you will be chopping hordes of enemies into mincemeat just to make a pretty bouquet:

5 tulips + 5 dandelions – and the “Spring flower cube” is yours – open it to produce useful consumables, weapon skin coupons, temporary B-fletta weapons, fletta armor and even whole Olifants!

10 tulips + 10 dandelions – and you’re the proud owner of a “Lucky spring flower cube”! Use a lucky cube key to unlock it and receive a temporary S-fletta, phoenixes, soul weapons and the very best items from the game store.

It’s time for a little field work!