GameXP Bids Farewell to Winter!

We know that our players enjoy receiving the most useful and expensive gifts almost for free. That’s why we have prepared our «Farewell to Winter» JACKPOT! Participate to win GXP and receive incredible discounts!
How do I participate?
You may purchase small and medium «Farewell to Winter» jackpot boxes for a chance to win the grand prize. Participating in the event is guaranteed to award 2 or 3 items at a generous discount and many other magnificent bonuses! You can see the list of goods at the page of «Sphere 3». Each purchased box contributes some GXP towards the jackpot!
About the prize fund
Jackpot maximum size is no limited – the more people participate, the greater the ultimate reward! You can see the current Jackpot size by visiting Game XP and taking a look at the participating game pages.
You may take a shot at winning Jackpot until 02.27.2019 20:59 GMT. The Jackpot raffle will take place on February, 28.
How will prizes be awarded?
The first 3 randomly selected winners will receive the prizes totaling 50% of the accumulated Jackpot. The remaining 50% will be divided between the next 10 randomly selected winners.
The results will be announced within 3 business days after the raffle.
Winners will have their accounts credited with GXP within 3 business days after the raffle.
Try your luck and win the GameXP JACKPOT!