True Reporter


Strange things have started happening in the once-tranquil provincial town of Mistwood. The vanishing of Betty Hope's boyfriend is just one of them, but fortunately, Betty happens to be a reporter who is more than capable of launching her own investigation. It quickly becomes obvious the city is mired in organized crime, and it will take skill and determination to remain one step ahead of the enemy and avoid getting caught.

“True Reporter” is a detective «hidden object» game! Not only does its highly detailed story include the tribulations of the female protagonist, it also contains plenty of quests, challenges and smaller investigations that may or may not tie into the primary case!


  • Original hidden object search mechanic and non-standard game modes
  • Exciting storyline
  • Over 40 realistic city locations
  • Intriguing stories the townsfolk will share with you
  • A real journalistic investigation
  • Ability to compete with your friends
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Beautiful and realistic graphics
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