A subscription MMORPG that does not require any additional investments. There is no in-game store, and every achievement depends entirely on your skill and determination. Enjoy fair PvP, comfortable non-target combat system that will allow you to demonstrate your mastery, epic castle sieges, engaging crafting and item upgrade systems and more!


  • No more pay to win: everybody who pays for subscription has equal chances to win the most precious items during the game.
  • Partifipating in various in-game activities gives special coins that can be spent on premium items.
  • Realistic non-target combat system: I see the target, I come up to the target, I strike the target! Make use of your superior skills! But remember to dodge, your enemies aren't blind, either!
  • Castle sieges — epic struggles for control over ancient citadels whose owners get access to portals, buffs, mounts, unique potions, castle equipment and more.
  • All this magnificence has very humble system requirements by 2020 standards: the game can easily be run on an old PC that was used to play the original “Sphere”.
  • This is a PvP world, but there is enough PvE for everyone: world bosses that require unique combat tactics, challenging dungeons full of treasure, interesting crafting and resource gathering systems will engage even he most determined pacifist.
  • Are you nostalgic for the original “Sphere”? You've come to the right place! Enjoy beautiful modern graphics and regular updates!
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