The world of Sphere is broken. All of its mountains, all of its plains, all of its caves and deserts will soon turn into a huge sacrificial altar. Demonic hordes are planning to drown it in their enemies' blood and wake up their ancient gods, slumbering somewhere in the depths of the world. But hope is alive as long as there is at least one brave soul ready to fight against insurmountable odds...

This MMORPG will pleasantly surprise you with beautiful graphics, low system requirements, challenging sieges and an engaging story!


  • Real sieges: it is no longer enough to assemble a host to capture a castle. From now on you need to build a headquarters, construct siege engines, get catapults and make a battering ram.
  • Hardcore PvP: battles take place in most in-game zones, including some starting locations. Stay on your toes!
  • Non-target combat system: just like before, a player's skill trumps his gear, allowing to win thanks to personal prowess and not just level difference.
  • New PvE mode that will allow you to level up without a care in the world.
  • Two classic races: choose between humans and demons.
  • Exciting plot: enjoy more than a thousand quests penned by a famous science fiction writer Alexander Zorich.
  • Boundless enhancement opportunities: anyone can improve their weapon by giving it buffs to match the specific type of engagement.
  • Low system requirements.

But there's more! This MMORPG is perfect for PvP enthusiasts. You are going to love epic castle sieges with no limit to the number of participants on either side of the fortress walls that call for tactics and construction of massive siege weapons.

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