Sphere 3


The Sphere's world is split. All its mountains, all its plains, all its caves and deserts will soon turn into one large sacrificial altar. Demonic hordes are going to sprinkle it with the blood of enemies and awaken their cruel gods, dormant somewhere in the depths of the World. But hope lives on as long as there is at least one daredevil in the world who is ready to accept an unequal battle ...

This is an MMORPG game that will pleasantly surprise you with excellent graphics, low system requirements, complicated sieges and an equally interesting storyline!


  • Real sieges: now, in order to capture enemy fortifications, it is not enough to gather a mob for an assault. We also need to acquire a headquarters, build siege towers, catapults and a ram.
  • Hardcore PvP: battles take place in most game zones, including even some starting locations. Get ready for anything!
  • Non-target combat system: as before, the bet is placed on the skill of the players, allowing them to win not at the expense of a higher level, but thanks to their personal skills.
  • New PvE mode that will let you level up without interference
  • Two classic races: you have to choose between humans and demons.
  • Fascinating storyline: there are more than a thousand quests ahead, written by the famous science fiction writer Alexander Zorich.
  • Endless enchanting possibilities: from now on, everyone can improve their weapons, endowing them with buffs, ideal for various types of battles.
  • Low computer system requirements

This online MMORPG is also ideal for PvP fans. You will surely enjoy the epic castle sieges with an unlimited number of fighters on both sides of the fortress walls, the active use of a variety of tactics and siege weapons.

Game website: [s3.gamexp.com] (https://s3.gamexp.com)

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