The world is shattered by war: children have risen against fathers, and mortals have risen against gods. If the adventures in a classic fantasy universe aren't enough, get used to the living the life of a summoner druid. You can tame any creature, train them to be undefeatable and transform monsters into loyal combat helpers.


  • Three original races: Daevas, the keepers of light, Asura, the servants of darkness, and Gaia, the firstborn humans.
  • Clan dungeon control: for the first time in MMORPG clans may demand tribute for the right to level up in your dungeons.
  • Weapon enchantments: become a legend by creating an artifact of unbelieveable power!
  • Unique taming system: over 90 types of NPC that can be subverted, from sly forest nymphs to mighty centaurs.
  • Become the Highlander: just like in the legendary series, you can devour the souls of slain enemies and claim their power.
  • Separate PvP and PvE servers: anyone can enjoy comfortable gameplay by chooshing what they like most ― bloody skirmishes or uninterrupted exploration of the game world shoulder by shoulder with other party members.
  • Regular updates: over the ten years since release the game saw fourteen large scale expansions.

Like any online MMORPG, Rappelz unites kindred spirits. You can only prove your superiority by playing with friends! This client-based MMORPG allows you to fight monsters and explore dungeons in a fantastic world.

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