The world is split by war: children rebelled against their fathers, and mortals rebelled against the gods. And if you don't have enough adventures in the classic fantasy universe, then get ready to know all the delights of the life of a druid summoner. You will be able to command any creatures, bringing up invincible monsters and reliable helpers in battle.

Welcome to the classic MMORPG of your favorite type. The main feature of Rappelz is that almost any monster, even the most vicious, can be tamed. You will be able to control any creatures and raise them to be loyal friends and reliable helpers in battle.

Can I take that cute monster home?

You can! Literally hundreds of all kinds of monsters with their own unique skills are just waiting for you to show up and take them on a leash! Tamed creatures develop with you, wear out your old armor and weapons and help in battles — someone throws a healing spell, someone viciously gnaws at the enemy's leg, and some throw all sorts of curses at him.

Why are the bushes moving?

Oh yeah! Even if you choose a PvE server, when leaving the city, do not forget to look around — there can be an insidious killer hiding anywhere who is hunting for your honor, dignity and gold. Rather swing — you will take revenge on them all a little later, the main thing is to remember their nicknames! The good news is that it works in the opposite direction: everyone who writes nasty things about you in the chat can take revenge on the spot, because a sword and a kind word are still better than just a kind word!

Is it possible somehow without PvP?

You can, just be careful! You can always hide in a cozy dungeon and calmly swing and farm in warmth and comfort, where no villain will get to you. And from level 50 you will be able to complete an interesting and long chain of quests that will quickly lead you to levels 150 and above.

What day is today? Day of the movement!

In Guy's world, the heroes have a busy schedule: three times a week — an attack by Destroyers, on weekends — the siege of the Citadel at Rondo, and in the evening — the capture of dungeons, and every day — a bloody battle (this is an event, not a lifestyle, though ...) And there are also various events, powerful rates and server buffs — who needs this real life at all?

Your best gift is already waiting!

Every newcomer immediately receives a set of very useful gifts! It contains important and powerful consumables that will help you quickly get to high levels.

Your computer will definitely not explode!

Because Rappelz — this is an ageless classic, it doesn't require a lot of computer resources, so you don't need a monster computer for a comfortable game. A simple one will suffice, maybe even a grandfather's one. And although the game has been constantly updated during its existence, its system requirements have hardly increased.


  • The three original races: the guardians of the Light of Virgo, the servants of Darkness of Asura and the firstborn people of Gaia.
  • Capturing dungeons by clans: For the first time, the ability to collect tribute from others for the right to swing in your dungeons has been implemented.
  • Weapon Enchantment: Become a legend by creating an artifact of unprecedented power!
  • Unique taming system: more than ninety types of NPCs that can be subdued, ranging from forest nymphs to centaurs.
  • Feel like a highlander: as in the legendary series about the immortal Duncan MacLeod, here you can absorb the souls of the dead and receive their power.
  • Separate PvP and PvE servers: everyone can enjoy a comfortable game, choosing what they like - bloody battles or thoughtful exploration of the world together with party members.
  • Constant updates: over the ten years of the project's existence, there have already been fourteen large-scale additions.

Like any online mmorpg game, Rappelz unites people who are close in spirit. You can prove your superiority over the enemy only together with your friends! In the client MMORPG game you have to fight monsters, conquer the dungeons of a fantastic world.

Game website: www.rzonline.ru

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