Parkan. Chronicle of the Empire


The legendary Russian space simulator from the 90s is back! 

Parkan is a truly large-scale game in which the player is invited to travel through a randomly generated space and pave his own way between the stars. 

4097 year since the founding of the colony of Lentis. An abandoned sector of the Galaxy. You are the pilot of the imperial fighter Parkan assigned to the Argus patrol base, your ship is helplessly drifting around an unknown sun. The main task is to find the Survey Service starship that has dissolved in the vacuum of the Lentis sector, find out what happened to it and return back to base. 

The task will not be easy: first you need to restore the ship's ability to interstellar travel and provide it with fuel. It is necessary to arm the ship, install a navigation system and create a squadron of auxiliary drone ships. In the process, you will have to meet with aborigines from distant planets, give battle to local pirates, feel like a merchant or mercenary, emerge unscathed from numerous skirmishes, colonize distant planets, and perhaps even found your own clan. The goal is known, but how you get to it depends solely on you! 


  • The legendary game from the golden age of the Russian gaming industry is now in digital distribution. 
    • Hybrid gameplay, which combines elements of a space simulator, shooter, strategy and role-playing game. 
  • An open world and an incredible wealth of opportunities: explore space, colonize planets, negotiate with robot clans, fight in space, board ships, become a mercenary, trader or pirate!
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