«Main Guns» is a browser online game for true sailing fleet and adventure enthusiasts. Expect an amalgamation of action, tactical combat and MMORPG styled after such pirate classics as «Voyage century online» and «Corsairs III: Dead man's chest». The events of the game take place on a massive archipelago with donzens of islands and hundreds of quests, allowing you to weather the flames of a civil war, uncover the secret of Flying Dutchman and sink hundreds of freebooters.


  • Wide vessel selection: over fifty different ship types, from heavy galleons to steam-powered dreadnaughts.
  • Complex crafting system: Anything and everything can be improved, from cannons to sails. The most advanced users will be able to build their own ships using drydock.
  • Personal fleet: direct up to six hired captains, giving them orders and planning combat just like the famous admirals of the past would.
  • Advanced PvP & PvE content: aside from the arena, classic tournaments and encounters in the open sea you can participate in large scale cross-server battles.
  • Private island: secure your hideout by developing the castle, the port and resource production.
  • A world full of adventure: you will be boarding a merchant ship one day and lifting the siege from a royal harbor the next. Your options are limited only by your power and bravery!
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