Sea battle


Sea Battle is a simple online game for true connoisseurs of the sailing fleet and adventure. A real fusion of action, tactical battles and MMORPG in the spirit of the classic pirate games "Voyage century online" and "Corsairs III: Dead Man's Chest" awaits you. The action will unfold on a huge archipelago with dozens of islands and hundreds of quests, where you will have to go through the fire of civil war, uncover the secret of the Flying Dutchman and sink dozens of gentlemen of fortune.


  • In the game sea battle online A large selection of ships: about fifty different types of ships, ranging from heavy galleons to steam-powered battleships.
  • Deep crafting system: absolutely everything can be improved - from cannons to sails. And for the most sophisticated users, there is the opportunity to create ships at the shipyard themselves.
  • Your own fleet: you have to manage six hired captains, giving them orders and planning the battle in the tradition of the best admirals of the past.
  • Advanced PvP & PvE components: in addition to the arena, classic tournaments and attacks on the high seas, large-scale cross-server battles are waiting for you.
  • Personal island: provide yourself with a reliable rear by evenly developing your castle, port and resource extraction.
  • A world full of intrigue and adventure: yesterday you boarded a merchant, and today you are lifting the siege from the royal harbor. The only question is what you have the audacity and strength to do!
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