Welcome to the new virtual reality! The Maska metaverse is a combination of characters, parties, travel, relationships and more! You create your own world: starting from the hero and ending with him and amazing stories.

What to do in the virtual world of "MASKA"? Yes, anything-dance, meet and joke with friends. Incendiary parties-every day! And the reason is not important to show superclass on the dance floor.

Open your own business, earn game currency, promote your brand and become mega-popular! A lot of bonuses, promotions, gifts are waiting for you, and, of course, emotions!


Your character

Male or female, brunette or blonde. A matter of taste and imagination! Invent and create your own character. An advanced editor will help you out. The hero can be worked out to the smallest detail. It's simple – even a beginner will figure it out. But the result can surprise even an experienced lover of the simulator of life. 

Time to light up

You don't need an excuse to show superclass on the dance floor. Incendiary parties are waiting for you every day. Cool music, spectacular movements and a great mood are provided. Learn new elements and show everyone at the party what you are capable of!


Give your character a soulmate in the metaverse. How will your first meeting go? At the club, on a walk, or maybe at work? How will the relationship develop? It all depends on you. Fall in love and create a strong family. Yes, and try to save it. There are intrigues even in virtual reality. 


In the virtual world, transport is also appropriate. Ordinary cars? Boring! Show your style: collect the whole collection and surprise the inhabitants of the metaverse. Travel and navigate on a spaceship and even a magical unicorn.

Interactive objects

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game with interactive objects. Unique effects and animations are waiting for you! You will find them in the virtual world and in the store. Collect the whole collection and have fun on a new level.

To meet the adventures

Every day – new classes. Complete quests in the world of MASKA and get game currency. More adventure means more money. They can be exchanged for something cool in our store.

Express feelings

Are you angry or, on the contrary, cheerful? Or maybe surprised? MASKA is a world where everyone can freely express their feelings. With the help of effects, of course. In the list you will find the whole spectrum of human emotions.

Real estate

Arrange your cozy nest. In the metaverse, you can easily build your dream home. It doesn't matter if it's an apartment or a house. In a convenient editor you can find everything you need for interior and decor. Connect the imagination. Is everything ready? Invite your friends to a housewarming party soon!


Do you want to, but are you afraid to start your own business? Practice in the virtual world!  It's just like in life. The main thing is to decide on an idea and start. Choose: furniture, clothing or real estate store. Earn game currency, promote your brand and become mega-popular. 


If you've earned enough money, you can spend it. Go to the store and get everything you need. Currency can be exchanged for transport, effects, household items and more. By the way, you can also sell. Create your own game objects and submit them for implementation. Let the other characters appreciate.

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