On planet Azmara the eternal struggle of armies of Light and Darkness went on for centuries. Their battle for the magic substance called fletta is remorseless, and the world is running red with the blood of defeated enemies. Join one of the four races defending the Carnafel Federation and fight for the future of your lands. Don't let the minions of the Dark Lord revive their horrifying master.


  • Unique system of fletta obtained from defeated monsters. This substance will allow you to create powerful weapons and armor that can develop alongside with your hero.
  • Inactive sacred mounts transform into shoulder armor.
  • Four warrior races: over the course of the game each player will be able to pick a profession for further specialization.
  • Large scale mine and castle sieges. Use siege weapons and assume control to secure additional resources.
  • Existing PvE dungeons can be either normal or challenging. The former will be good for inexperienced players, the latter will require tactics and a well-equipped party.
  • Regular updates that add new locations, mounts and equipment and rase character level cap.
  • Low system requirements

This game will be perfect for classic fantasy world PvP enthusiasts.

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