On the planet Azmara, the confrontation between the forces of Light and Darkness continues, which has been going on for several hundred years. Their struggle for the magic substance of Flett does not spare anyone and the world is gradually saturated with the blood of destroyed enemies. Join one of the four races of the Kafernel Federation's defenders and fight for the future of your homeland. Don't let the Dark Lord's minions revive their master.


  • Simple and straightforward game, very easy to learn.
  • Unique system of Flett, obtained from defeated monsters. With the help of this matter, you can create powerful armor and weapons that can evolve in parallel with your hero.
  • Riding sacred animals transform into shoulder armor when inactive.
  • Four races of warriors of light: in the future, each player gets the opportunity for a narrower specialization - a profession.
  • Large-scale sieges of castles and seizures of mines. Apply assault weapons and win battles. Additional sources of resources are rewarded.
  • Existing dungeons for PvE are divided into regular and hard. The former are suitable for inexperienced users; to complete the latter, you will need tactical knowledge and a trained team.
  • Regular game updates add new locations, vehicles, equipment and increase the maximum level of the character.
  • Low system requirements

The game is ideal for those who love PvP in the classic fantasy world.

Game website: [karos.gamexp.com] (http://karos.gamexp.com)

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