Get a luxury apartment with the ability to add more rooms to it and furnish it to your liking. Arrange house parties and invite friends to the coolest hangouts! Chat with other players online: give gifts, kisses and hugs. And if you don't like someone, you can express it with a slap in the face or even a good kick! And of course, the best friends can be called to fight with pillows ... and the next morning to play a real wedding with them!


There are many interesting places waiting for you in the Avatar world:

  • A park to walk and admire nature
  • Night club to party on the dance floor
  • A square to have a quiet chat
  • Cafe to meet friends
  • An ice rink to show everyone the perfect pirouettes
  • Canyon, so that everyone knows what a cool car you have
  • Beauty salon to make your look really unique
  • Ski resort to feel the adrenaline rushing down the mountain
  • Beach to surf and show off your tan
  • Couturier to select the most fashionable images
  • and many other interesting locations that you just have to explore!

Of course, you need money for a beautiful life, and then your dream career comes into play. Do you want to become a photographer or make-up artist and hang out with models? Or maybe you like nature, and you prefer the profession of a gardener, or decide to learn Zen in the career of a janitor? In any case, it will bring you as much game currency as you need to live without straining!

Pay attention to a special system of achievements - for each of them you will be able to receive valuable prizes for memory.

Change your character and the world around to your liking with a huge amount of clothes, accessories, furniture and jewelry. And if you don't find what you like, you have the opportunity to create it yourself in your workshop!

Hurry forward, in the world of your dreams, only you are missing!

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