Shini Game


«Shini Game» is a browser MMORPG known as the best gift to fans of the famous anime series, «Bleach». Now you can do more than just simply sympathize with your favorite characters, this offers gives you a chance to take part in their journey. Excpect to visit the afterlife of the Soul Society, meet the old enemies ― «hollow ones», arrancar, wizards and quincy and, of course, experience the atmosphere of Taito Kubo's original manga. Come on ― it is time to wake from a thousand year sleep and save Seiretei!


  • Welcome home: you'll get to experience main anime battles one more time, except now you can directly influence their outcome. If this isn't enough, there are numerous easter eggs and quizes about your favorite universe.
  • Three character classes: Keiken ― katana-wielding warrior; Raijin ― skilled archer; and Kido ― master of demon magic.
  • Personal crew: visit the tarven to hire humans or shinigami as companions. As you advance through the plot, you will be able to partner with Orihime, Rukia, Kenpachi and other fighters you love.
  • Private estate: your own personal house in the spirit world where you can take part various activities, from playing dice to feeding demonic butterflies and enjoying your girlfriends' company.
  • Companion quests: the girls like attention and will shower with you with gold, reputation, energy and... much more in return. Don't be shy!

Welcom to Shini game - the definitive anime MMORPG!

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