Enjoy the amazing events at GameXP!

The GameXP team couldn’t miss St. Valentine’s Day – we love our players, so we thought you might enjoy more gifts and surprises! All of our games welcome you and your soul mates with romantic promotions and special events! There’s a gift waiting for you if you are alone on that day or don’t feel…
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«Mechvasion» is back!

Dear friends, we have prepared another fascinating event for «Panic Room 2: Hide and Seek». Catch mecharats and mecharavens to receive magnificent gifts! The task may be challenging, but the rewards are worth fighting for! The Puppeteer will remove the collected cogs after the event. If you decide to participate in the «Mechvasion» event again,…
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Long-awaited «Sphere 3» updates are finally here!

Dear friends! We prepared a new fascinating update for «Sphere 3». The already popular PvP –arenas have become even better, more bugs have been fixed and the «warrior», «necromancer» and «priest» classes have been rebalanced. The «Gladiatorial games» event is now underway, so don’t miss your chance to earn a unique helm! Play now and…
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Karos is 8 years old! Enjoy the holiday gifts and events!

Dear citizens of Azmara! On February, 10 the legendary Karos celebrates its 8 year anniversary. We implemented many changes over the years, constantly improving the game and making it better! Join the festivities and enjoy the incredible new event, bonus rates and generous discounts in the in-game store. Thank you for being with us on…
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