Join GameXP as it celebrates International Women’s Day!

Greetings, player! Girl gamers are no longer a minority but they still cause genuine admiration: hearing a gentle voice during the heated struggle inspires men, and the prowess of battle maidens is legendary! We celebrate International Women’s Day with gifts both for the fair ladies and their gentleman suitors!
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New Altramas server is already available!

Greetings, citizen of Azmara! It finally happened: the Eristum-Lupert and Volancia servers have been merged to create the new Eristum- Volancia server! But if you wish to rediscover the game and start your journey from the beginning, we also created Altramas, a brand new server to accommodate you! • Level your skills from scratch! •…
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Sphere 3: Assemble the gear of your dreams

Greetings, denizens of the Sphere! We have excellent news: now champions of the Sphere can upgrade the quality of their gear! Do you remember how you used to hunt bosses, delve into the dungeons and craft hundreds of identical items to upgrade your equipment? No more! Now any rare on uncommon lvl 20 or higher…
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Enjoy the bouquet of spring events!

Spring’s coming to GameXP: ice in your favorite games is melting, event springs are running and bonus flowers are in full bloom! Play your favorite games now and participate in the following events: LET’S FISH! Catch the largest fish during the new events: Where’s the fish? Fishing overload Bonus: +50% banknotes for one hour twice…
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«Panic Room» is now available in Japan!

Dear players! GameXP is pleased to report excellent news! «Panic Room» is rapidly exploring new frontiers. From now on the Japanese users can join our ever-growing family and enjoy our thrilling detective story! We hope you know the game well, but if you’re just starting out, we’ll tell you what we have in store. «Panic…
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Gifts for the defenders and more!

Noble and chivalrous knight and courageous warrior, this is your day! Keep honing your skills in the virtual worlds and remain the best strategist, commander and battlefield leader in the GameXP universe! There will be many surprises — keep an eye on the news so you won’t miss them! And remember to claim your presents,…
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New awesome events are already here!

Dear players, it’s time to make a break! What can be better than cozy evenings spent playing your favorite games? We have prepared so many awesome events for you there won’t even be time for you to change your mind! Play now! WAR OF TANKS Commander, there are 15 events waiting for you! • Gain…
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Choose the app icon for Panic Room!

The GameXP team needs to know what you think! As you are aware, we came up with a special thematic St. Valentine’s Day icon for our app. The holiday is over, so we need to choose a new icon and could use your help! There are 6 different versions that compete for the privilege of…
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GameXP Bids Farewell to Winter!

We know that our players enjoy receiving the most useful and expensive gifts almost for free. That’s why we have prepared our «Farewell to Winter» JACKPOT! Participate to win GXP and receive incredible discounts! How do I participate? You may purchase small and medium «Farewell to Winter» jackpot boxes for a chance to win the…
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Time to go fishing!

Tired of fame and conquest? Feel like taking a break? Our «Let’s fish!» game may be just what you need. Travel the world, hook the largest and rarest fish and earn trophies! There are over 650 fish species in the game, from roaches to whales. When you’re ready, take part in a fishing tournament and…
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